About Parade

At Parade, we believe that technology should make it easier to build and maintain relationships with the people you care about most. It can be hard—over time, life stages, and big moves—to keep up with the people in your life, and their major life events.

Record your favorite people's big milestones. Get birthday and anniversary reminders, never forget Valentines or Mother's Day again. Add any event, or a repeat reminder.

We're here to help you keep in touch with, and stay close to friends and family.

Here’s how:

Enter Details

Import from your contacts, or enter details manually for your favorite people and their loved ones. Add as little or as much information as you like—you’re in control.

Stay Up to Date

We’ll send you regular reminders to help you keep in touch with your nearest and dearest. We’ll let you know in advance of birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries to give you time to get in touch.

Reach Out

Using our reminder lead time, you can send gifts, cards, and messages—whether it’s for big events, to say thank you, or just because!