16th Birthday Gifts that Parents will Thank you for!

    21st September, 2019

16 is a big year, show them you take their being one more year closer to adult hood seriously by getting them something off this list!

Since getting them their dream car from the posters on their wall is probably out of the budget, we've been hard at work trying to come up with a spectacular alternative. The other thing we've been focusing on is making sure that whatever you choose from this list has mom and dad patting you on the back as well. If you're looking for great gift ideas for teen boys, you've come to the right place!

Astronauts – The Ultimate Space Game

Nice and easy game to quickly get out and play. My son included this in his top games to play. Great game brilliant way to memorise our planets and some of their moons. Can be played without the action cards for youngers players to grasp the rules.

This highly-addictive, award-winning game makes an excellent 17th birthday gift choice for astronomy lovers. In Astronauts – The Ultimate Space Game players get to be astronauts that race each other to explore the planets and moons of the solar system, and return safely back to Earth after. Teens will love to learn new and exciting facts about planets, moons, asteroids, comets, and more!

Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat

OMG!!! I took this to hot yoga for 75minutes, vinyasa. it was the best thing ever! I didnt slid AT ALL!!! LOVE IT!

The Yoga Zeal Yoga Mat is an extra durable mat for anyone who loves to do yoga. This great gift for active individuals is made of natural tree rubber, bonded to an ultra-absorbent faux suede towel layer. It is incredibly durable and machine washable.

Tom's Turnstile - The Sequential Movement Puzzle

This elegant puzzle makes an incredible gift for a teen. The Tom's Turnstile - The Sequential Movement Puzzle is a brass brainteaser on which a chronic puzzler needs to arrange 12 numbers in the right order by rotating them around the dial with the turnstiles. Forged out of solid brass, it comes in a stylish box and inside a Velveteen travel bag.

Rustic Burnt Wood Wall-Mounted Entryway Organizer

This looks so great on my kitchen wall, I love it! Really reasonably priced. Compared to other sellers selling the same item, this is definitely the cheapest of that kind. The delivery was also super fast. Very happy customer :)

This Rustic Burnt Wood Wall-Mounted Entryway Organizer is a wonderful gift for a new home, or someone with an unfurnished entryway. It gives a vintage charm to any environment with its black metal hardware and burnt wood finish. This organizer also features a large chalkboard surface, that is a useful way to leave messages or reminders for others in the house.

Wood Trick Wheel of Fortune Kit

The Wood Trick Wheel of Fortune Kit is not a regular wheel of fortune. This puzzle has precision cut pieces of wood that are assembled together easily. This toy set makes an excellent gift for puzzle-solvers and woodwork lovers – the finished piece looks gorgeous and can be displayed with pride after.

Personalized Coir Fiber Laser Engraved Doormat

Exactly as described and pictured. Durable for the outdoors/stoop. Will last a long time

The Personalized Coir Fiber Laser Engraved Doormat is such a thoughtful, great gift for new homemakers! You can ask the manufacturer to engrave any name in this 100% coconut fiber mat. This can be used as a welcome mat or just in the person’s bedroom, and the rubber backing prevents it from slipping.

Haynes Jet Engine Model Kit

Enjoyed putting it together a lot :-) Delivery was on time, very efficient. Thanks!

Providing a fantastic building experience, Haynes Jet Engine Model Kit makes an excellent 17th birthday gift for teens who would love to be aircraft engineers and inventors. The model of a turbofan jet engine is motorized and features high and low-pressure turbines – after it’s built it also looks good in a shelf.

Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag

The Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffel Bag is a great gift for anyone gym lover, or weekend tripper. The two-way waterproof zipper makes keeps belongings safe and sound. It makes a great traveling bag, and features a functional side compartment for shoes. The polyester lining and the reinforced carrying handles are extra sturdy.

Bugs in the Kitchen - Children's Board Game

I like that the game was put together and the instructions were read and understood by my 11-year-old granddaughter. And I like that the children can totally play it by themselves if an adult is not available. So far, though, the adults have been happy to play it with the children.

A fun game for teens to play with their family! The Bugs in the Kitchen - Children's Board Game makes an excellent birthday gift. With high-quality components, this game provides tons of replay value. Featuring a special edition HEXBUG nano, a 3D game board with 24 movable utensils, 2 batteries,18 bug tokens, dice, and instructions, this game is amazing. All players need to do is create a path and trap the bug to win.

Breaking Games Game of Phones

Brilliant Game for Teenagers to play with the rest of the family !!! Doesn't take up loads of space and can be taken on a plane!

Game of Thrones lovers will find the Breaking Games Game of Phones really fun. This great gift for young adults is a unique card game in which players need to use apps and a smartphone browser to find unexpected responses to game prompts. This party game is a blast of fun for a group of friends or family.

Apanage 3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Geek Gifts

My child and I like to do DIY. After receiving the toy, I will assemble it with the children. More fun. The surroundings of the toy are very good and very slippery. This is a great gift

The Apanage 3D Wooden Puzzle is a hands-on puzzle that features a robot as a final result with moving gears, lights, arms, and legs. This is an excellent 17th birthday gift for the adolescent who loves to spend some time assembling parts and solving puzzles. The bonus is a lovely decorative item!


These are the cutest socks & so well made. My daughter LOVED them for a gift. In fact, they make a very cute gift for anyone! The packaging was also very cute & well thought out, lending to the art of the gift.

Everybody knows someone who’s into funny socks or sushi - if you happen to know someone who is into both, you won’t need to look for gifts anymore. They are socks that come folded and organized in a pack as if they were sushi.

North Star Games Say Anything Party Game

This is the best party game, bar none. It's the perfect combination of relaxing, hilarious and banter-filled. It is also creative, and you can play it with anyone, because you can modify your answers appropriately depending on the group. Incredible.

North Star Games Say Anything Party Game is a hilariously fun game for anyone, anytime. This excellent 17th birthday gift idea makes a great addition to any teen's game drawer - teens will get to know each other's opinions while playing. It features 80 question cards, 8 dry-erase boards, 8 dry-erase pens, 1 Select-O-Matic 5000, 1 dry-erase scoreboard, and 16 player tokens.

Bluetooth Headphones,LEYOUDY Wireless V4.1

These are not very expensive and I have never heard of the brand so I wasn't expecting much, but the sound quality is GREAT. Good base without distorting the music...just yaaaassss

The Bluetooth Headphones, LEYOUDY Wireless V4.1 are such a great gift for any music or podcast lover. Everyone needs a good pair of wireless headphones with a microphone. The premium authentic bass sound is exceptionally high-quality and provides a crystal clear treble.

Truth Bombs: A Party Game

My teenage daughter begged for this game. I thought it would be some rubbish from two whippersnappers on youtube, but it turned out to be a damn good game that I enjoyed playing with the family, and when we had friends over.

Truth Bombs: A Party Game is a blast of fun for any party. This fantastic 17th birthday gift idea is fast-paced and exciting, and players will need to throw some truth bombs in the air. It’s amazing for friends who would love to get to know each other better - with lots of laughter included!

Star Wars R2-D2 In Car Charger

This was a present for my nephew and he loved it

The Star Wars R2-D2 In Car Charger is a cool gift for Star Wars lovers. The R2-D2-shaped car charger glows when in use. It also has 2 USB ports for connecting and charging devices like cell phones, tablets, and other USB powered devices.

Lined Writing Journals Notebook (Value Pack)

They are beautifully made! The pages feel nice, the pen is high enough quality that it does not detract from the quality of the journal, and the charm is attractive.

The Lined Writing Journals Notebook is a meaningful birthday gift to anyone who needs or likes to write. With 80 sheets (160 lined pages), this leather notebook is refillable - the kit features a 2 in 1 touchscreen pen, a binder index table, a card pouch, and a zipper pouch.

Fred SKELETON KEYS Glow-in-The-Dark Key Covers

Bought as a quirky stocking filler. Bright colours. Good design. Loved them.

These Fred SKELETON KEYS Glow-in-The-Dark Key Covers are a great gift for anyone who can’t remember which key goes where. These glow-in-the-dark keycaps feature six styles of very different colors and skeletons, they are cool, fun, and useful.

The Giver (Giver Quartet)

A haunting book. The thought of living in a community where life is dictated, and where you can only feel prescribed emotions is so horrible! It makes me appreciate the richness of all our memories and free will. A fascinating story. I would like to recommend it to all.

The Giver (Giver Quartet) Hardback makes a meaningful birthday gift for dystopia lovers. This award-winning story was written by Lois Lowry, it was made into a film and translated into more than forty languages. The Giver is about a perfect society that chooses a twelve-year-old boy to be the “Receiver of Memories.” He then finds that the ideal world isn’t that good after all.

NHL 19: Standard Edition- Xbox One [Digital Code]

OmG. Every last NHL for the last few years has been rinse and repeat. I've gotta say, the addition of the One's version keeps me coming back playing night after night and is an incredibly fun mode. Well done on this one, EA.

The NHL 19: Standard Edition- Xbox One [Digital Code] uses cutting-edge gameplay technology, Real Player Motion Tech. This great gift for young adults gets everyone to play on outdoor rinks and compete against and with 200 of the greatest ice hockey legends ever. It is fantastic for those who love to play videogames actively, they’ll experience explosive-edge skating.

Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Great little gadget, I was super impressed with this, it's simple to use, good sound and a nice simple design. Exactly what it says on the tin, would buy another as a gift with no hesitation. Received quickly too.

This lovely speaker makes an excellent gift for someone who loves to DJ. The SoundBot SB516/SB517 Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Speaker with Built-in Mic - Black is a super elegant, waterproof speaker that blends in almost any indoor and outdoor environment. The built-in mic and control buttons also allows the user to answer phone calls.

Huhu Ma Off-White Sloth Plush Pillow

Very cute and soft! Just like the picture

Everybody loves sloths! That is why the Huhu Ma Off-White Sloth Plush Pillow makes such a great gift for anyone looking to accessorise their room or apatrment - it looks cute, and the plush fabric with a filling polypropylene cotton material is extremely comfy and soft. Anyone who likes fun throw pillows will treasure this sloth.

Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

Their brilliant... fit well... sound is amazing too...,Spot on 😉 Perfect! Came brand new in the box, almost fully charged, everything perfect and sealed.

The latest model of airpods, the Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case makes an excellent birthday gift for pretty much anyone! With a straightforward setup in all Apple’s devices, these headphones charge quickly inside the case. They can easily switch between devices and give high-quality audio and voice anytime.

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sleep Headset

This is my first mask with bluetooth and it is great. The extra padding on the face make it very comfortable and DARK! There is no light coming through this mask at all. The padding also makes it very easy to sleep. The speakers are full and fit well on the ears. The battery life is also great.

The Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Sleep Headset is such a comfortable treat to wear while sleeping. Besides being a fantastic sleep mask, made with memory foam, it also has built-in, high-quality speakers and microphone. It makes a lovely birthday gift for anyone who travels a lot or who just likes to relax and meditate while listening to something.

Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

The overall product is great. It has a nice look to it. It is very easy to operate. The sound quality is pretty good. The sound is clear and it’s just fun to be able to pull out records from my childhood and play for my kids. Great record player for the price. It’s cute to look at and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers is one of the coolest gifts out there for vinyl album lovers. The portable suitcase design allows it to be carried anywhere and play music with the built-in Bluetooth receiver. The Turntable is super stylish, and plays music on and offline.

Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

Had a great time making some ice cream sandwiches with my daughter very easy and delicious!!!

The Sweet Spot Ice Cream Sandwich Maker is a homemade ice cream sandwich maker that can craft easily and quickly amazing meals of brownie and ice cream. This great gift for ice cream lovers makes 4 sandwiches at once, features a tool to scoop ice-cream into the maker, and it works both with boxed brownie mix or the included recipe.

WONDERBOOM Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The sound quality on this little speaker is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised at the clarity of sound-even as I cranked the music up loud! Also seems nice and durable, as I've used it out while tubing lazily down a river and it was hooked onto a cooler.

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker is a fantastic gift for a music lover. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker plays surprisingly loud even around the water. WONDERBOOM is durable and can be placed 100 feet (30m) away and still play music. The battery runs for up to 10 hours on a single charge.

Yonanas Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker

It is a true marvel of science, magically producing perfect frozen yogurt from fruit, yes that's right, magic. I am in love with this item. If you've ever made banana whip or "mock ice cream" in a blender, you will probably love this too.

The Yonanas Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker is fantastic to create tasty desserts and yummy treats! This lovely birthday gift idea encourages healthy eating - the only ingredient needed is fruit. The fruit can be overripe for a smooth ice-cream like dessert or frozen for a healthy sorbet.

Nomad Wireless Hub

Very nice! I can put my airpods and iPhone down while also plugging in my Apple Watch and charge my iPad Pro. I went from 4-5 plugs to 1 it’s very useful and looks nice

The Nomad Wireless Hub is capable of charging 5 different devices at the same time with the multi-port USB charging hub underneath. This excellent gift idea for the gadget lover also features an ambient light sensor that dims the LED at night. It is discrete and blends amazingly with any type of decoration.

The Sims 4 Get Famous - PC

Got this because I enjoyed Superstar in Sims 1, but it is much better than I expected. Very fun.

The classic The Sims is refreshed in the new The Sims 4 Get Famous for PC. It makes a fantastic 18th birthday gift to anyone who has ever played and loved this game. This new edition allows the Sims to live their dreams and achieve brilliant careers in the world of fame!

The Five Minute Journal

I recommend the 5 minute journal to anyone who struggles with taking a moment to plan, evaluate & be grateful. It's also a great tool if you're a writer or communicator and need to be writing every day. I am so pleased with this purchase!

It doesn’t have to take hours a day for someone to jot down their thoughts in a journal. If you want to encourage someone in your life to spend at least 5 minutes per day thinking about themselves, The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day is a great birthday gift idea. This journal is great to cultivate the habit of gratitude.

Playstation Classic Console with 20 Games

We received our PS quickly, and it has all the games as described. Very nostalgic.

A fantastic gift for any gamer, or potential gamer, is the PlayStation Classic Console with 20 Classic Playstation Games. This miniature recreation of the PlayStation console is 45% smaller than the original, including an HDMI cable to connect directly to a TV. This mini console features 20 fan-favorite games along with two wired controllers and a virtual memory card.

HiGoing Earbud Carrying Case

I really like this product!!! It is smaller then I thought from the image but it fits my Bluetooth earbuds perfectly. It is nice and sturdy. The cover is 'leather' like matt material.

Anyone who treasures their headphones, earbuds or earphones will love to get the HiGoing Earbud Carrying Case as a gift. This lovely PU leather case is both stylish and useful, providing extra safety for any beloved music listening device. The soft inner cloth lining is fantastic to reduce wear and tear, and the hard carrying case protects the headphones from water, dust, and dirt.

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This Sprocket was very easy to set up and I was making prints in minutes. It comes with 10 2x3” blanks. These are wonderful for dropping into a note, letter or thank you.

The HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is an incredibly fun printer for anyone who takes tons of memorable pictures! This exceptional gift idea prints instant photos on-the-go, it is super compact and easy to carry around. The printer features the Sprocket app, which can be used to personalize the pics before printing. It also features an HP zink photo paper set with 10 sheets - the peel-and-stick backing turns pictures into stickers.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

These Cloud IIs have been amazing so far. They are super comfortable and the sound quality is great for what I use it for (gaming, discord chat with friends).

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is such an great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on the computer! This headset features a noise-canceling microphone that captures only the voice of the person wearing the headset. The memory foam earpads have an extra set of Velour ear pads - these are super comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Audio Technica Bluetooth Stereo Turntable

I have been very impressed with this and think for the price it represents excellent value. Exactly what I have been looking for. Simple set up and looks and sounds great.

With the Audio Technica AT-LP60WH-BT Fully Automatic Bluetooth Wireless Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable anyone can rediscover classics. This fantastic gift for music lovers can be connected to regular speakers or any Bluetooth equipped device. The turntable is gorgeous, and the platter is made of anti-resonance, die-cast aluminum.

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Cell Phone Charger

After seeing how many germs love on your phone it's nice having peace of mind that I can kill those little suckers and be healthier. Quick and easy to use

The PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Dual Universal Cell Phone Charger makes a great gift for anyone looking to up their cleanliness game. This device is designed with a germicidal UVC light that kills 99.99% of all bacteria on any phone. It also has two charging ports: a USB and USB-C.

Mini Refrigerator

Granddaughter loves the refrigerator for her dorm. It fits on her desk and holds snacks and drinks.

The Mini Refrigerator makes an excellent gift for anyone in need of an accessible refrigrator - think students and new parents. This great gift is a convenient indoor storage unit for small and large beverages. It features a wire shelf for organization and a recessed handle for easy opening and closing. The temperature is kept consistently cool with the compressor cooling system, and it can be adjustable for customized cooling.

Corkcicle Tumbler

I looove this tumbler so much! It's the perfect size for everyday coffee rituals. It keeps the liquid warm for hours. But most of all I love the transparent lud. It's super cool

The Corkcicle Tumbler is a classic tumbler that features a triple insulated stainless steel to keep cold drinks cold for 9 hours and hot drinks hot for 3 hours. This great gift has ergonomic flat sides that stop the tumbler from slipping. It features a shatterproof, crystal clear lid.

Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map

I gave this as a gift to a traveler. He really liked the way it is and when I informed him that you scratch off all the countries he visited he was so surprised. Nice idea for someone who travels.

Friends who love to travel or who think a lot about it will love the Maps International Scratch The World Travel Map. This great gift for anyone who loves to travel is an extra large wall map that features outlines on the gold coating and details underneath. Adventurers will find themselves craving for travel as soon as you give them this awesome and useful world map.

Parkland Bobbi Fanny Pack

The Parkland Bobbi Fanny Pack is a great gift for travelers and adventurers going out into the world. With a 100% recycled polyester exterior, this fanny pack has an adjustable strap clip that allows for wear cross body or around the waist, This amazing way to bring essentials anywhere features a secure front zip pocket and a hidden rear zip pocket.

Interior Illusions Plus Peace Sign Hand Wall Hook

Bought as a gift for a former hippie still in love with the 60s. And they are absolutely in love with this now.

The lovely Interior Illusions Plus Peace Sign Hand Wall Hook is a great gift for anyone looking to add some character to their room. It’s a hand sculpture with the gesture of peace and love in white resin. The hand makes a fantastic decorative item that also works as a hook for displaying jewelry.

Sign Real Neon Light Indoor Desk Lamp

Purchased this neon light for my daughter’s dorm room. Arrived well packaged and protected in a nice box with form padding. Well constructed light and has an on/off switch on cord. A bit larger than we thought but she loves it.

The Sign Real Neon Light Indoor Desk Lamp is a hand-crafted neon room light that makes such a great gift for a student's dorm room, or new apartment. This lovely lamp glows cold white when turned on, and the base has weights and a silicone pad for stability. It makes a beautiful decoration item and wishes peace and love to everyone in the room.

Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker

The Speaker is waterproof, not water resistant which makes it great for pool side and the beach. This speaker is solidly built and feels to be made of high quality.

The Portable Waterproof & Shockproof Bluetooth Speaker is a great gift for people who love to listen to insanely good and loud 360º sound. This speaker brings deep bass with a frequency range of 90Hz – 20kHz. It is portable, shockproof, and waterproof (for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter).

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

The Fitbit Alta is a fantastic gadget that tracks steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and active minutes. It makes a great gift for any data lover, especially those who are trying to live their best life. The bright OLED tap display shows stats and time - and the battery life is up to 5 days (varying with use).

Do Not Disturb I'm Gaming Funny Ankle Cotton Socks

These socks were a gift for my son. As an avid gamer my son loved these. They fit perfectly and look just as pictured. WI'll definitely keep a look out for more socks like these.

The Do Not Disturb I'm Gaming Funny Ankle Cotton Socks is a great gift for gamers! These socks are super comfy - they are made with cotton and will keep feet warm during those extra long gaming sessions.

Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack

I bought these to start my new hobby of acrylic painting. A good size for beginners, ..you can finish a painting in no time.

These Artlicious Canvas Panels will make any 15 year old artist happy. This affordable set of 12 canvas boards is made with 100% cotton duck and are a suitable canvas for oils, acrylics, and tempera. It makes a thoughtful and useful fifteenth birthday gift, especially great for beginners and budding artists.

Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 1 Oz

Great! Got what I've bought! Satisfied with the paints!

The Angelus Leather Paint Set of 12 1 Oz is a fantastic fifteenth birthday gift for teens who love to customize anything! It is a set of 12, 1 oz jars, that works in any type of leather - athletic shoes, purses, boots, jackets, and more. This fantastic paint set is flexible enough not to crack, peel, fade, or rub off, and the colors can be blend together to create new shades.

Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers

Love the extra fine tip of the pen and they last ages. Highly recommend

An excellent fifteenth birthday gift for any teen artist, the Sharpie Color Burst Permanent Markers is a set of 24 permanent markers that work on most surfaces - plastic, metal, glass, paper, and many others. With vivid and brilliant colors, this set can make incredible creations in the right hands. The resilient ink resists fading and water, and the versatile fine tip makes beautifully precise details.

PlayMonster Farkle Flip

We've been Farkle players for years and love the game. The gameplay is faster and it's easier to play in crowded locations where the noise of the dice might be bothersome.

The PlayMonster Farkle Flip is not only great for when the internet isn’t working - teens will love to play it anytime! An excellent fifteenth birthday gift, Farkle Flip demands that players flip cards over in hope to make combinations that help them win by using their own hand, or another player’s hand.

Knock Knock I Totally Got This Inner-Truth Journal

This has good advice and me writing down things I feel I’m not good at and there’s written words that say other wise.

The Knock Knock I Totally Got This Inner-Truth Journal is a lovely teen birthday gift, especially for those who are always doubting themselves. This journal helps adolescents with motivating quotes and upbeat prompts - it entices them to write about their dreams and challenges they’ve faced. It is a paperback full-colored journal with 70 uplifting quotes in 160 pages, with a ribbon page marker.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

Got this for my daughter for christmas. She is 13 and loves photography! She loves this camera and loves how clear the pictures are

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Fuji Instant Film (40 Sheets) & Accessories Bundle is super cool and cute - it makes a lovely gift for anyone who would love to record memories in a flash. This camera is straightforward to use, and the kit includes 10 hanging frames with 10 colorful clips, 5 plastic frames, a travel camera case a selfie lens, a 64-Photo album, 4 colored lens filters, enough film for 40 photos, and much more.

Blue Q Bags, Zipper Pouch, Evidence

This is a fun bag, perfect for any crime fans! It is decent quality and fits pens in easily. Overall it's great and would make a perfect gift.

The Blue Q Bags, Zipper Pouch, Evidence makes an excellent teen birthday gift for crime show lovers. It can also be used as a gift wrap to contain other gifts, or as a standalone gift. This pouch can be a make-up bag, a purse organizer for the keys or phone, or even a snack bag. Teens will love the print on this bag, that looks like the evidence envelope we all see in crime movies and shows.

Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board

It's a great item for the kids who would rather draw then say build with blocks. You can draw with nothing in mind and it is relaxing/fun. You can also draw a planned picture and it is fun. Be sure to show it off before it fades away though!

No special skill or training is required to paint with the Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board. Kids will have fun by drawing on the surface of the Buddha Board with only water and the small brush included. This excellent 12th birthday gift is environmentally friendly and will last for years. When the water evaporates they will find a clean slate, ready to create all over again

Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat

This is my boys' go to cookbook. They love the recipes and the food comes out really good. My oldest is not an in the kitchen kind of kid, but he does really well with this cookbook. Awesome, we love it!! Great book for starter cooks

Breakfast, sides, snacks, dinners, or dessert - you name it. With the Teens Cook: How to Cook What You Want to Eat cookbook, tweens and kids will learn to prepare the meals they love the most. This book makes a fantastic 13th birthday gift for anyone who is hungry. It has easy-to-follow instructions that will provide kids with the tools they need to conquer the kitchen.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Paperback

I feel it is a wonderful resource for parents and teachers to share with all teens. The world is big and coming at them so fast. Lets equip them in every way that we can. Bought this for my HS students as an alternative read. They love it! I think I will buy a classroom set and use it as a part of my curriculum next year!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens is a paperback book that makes a great 13th birthday gift for ambitious teens. This fabulous book guides kids step-by-step to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be in the future. This is a useful and thoughtful gift, that discusses real issues and relevant themes like cyberbullying and social media.

The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make

A gift for my 15-yr old grandson. I read it before giving it to him - pre-qualify. Good advice for everyone. Excellent book for both teens and their parents

This fantastic book tackles how teens should approach the six significant challenges they have to face: dealing with their parents, gaining self-esteem, making friends, coping with substances, succeeding at school, being wise about sex, and planning a career. The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make is an excellent fourteenth birthday gift for teens who are just learning how to navigate the world.

The Teen's Guide to World Domination

My brother loved the book, I even caught him reading it a second time. I gave it to my 14 year old son for his birthday and he found the authors sense of humor engaging enough to read the first 2 chapters that night.

The Teen's Guide to World Domination makes a thoughtful fourteenth birthday gift for any teen who's just startying to become independent. Full of knowledge, guidance, and skills, this excellent book takes from the author's life experiences. It gives excellent advice, entertaining stories, and endless life lessons.

4M Water Rocket Kit

Great fun my son loves it. When the kids saw it on the soccer field the playground emptied out and all the kids came to watch and launch the rocket.

The 4M Water Rocket Kit is really cool - teens will love to build their own water rocket with a recycled soda bottle. The power of the water pressure on this rocket blasts it up to 90 feet in the air - teens who enjoy science projects and experiments will want to do this over and over.

Elenco AmeriKit Learn to Solder Kit

I highly recommend this kit for the beginner or for someone wanting to improve rudimentary or rusty soldering skills. The project is straightforward and worked properly the first time after completion by my grandson.

Teens who are interested in building and electricity will love the Elenco AmeriKit Learn to Solder Kit. This fantastic fourteenth birthday gift is amazing for young problem-solvers who want to get their hands on everything. It includes a solder, soldering iron and wire cutters - with them, they will be able to learn to solder and practice with the printed circuit board (PCB).

Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

Very engaging activity for kids & older folks. Grandkids love it! Son & I raced (I bought 2) to see who could solve puzzles faster. This is a fun game no matter your age. Encourages problem solving, practice of spatial relationships, & reading of a diagram.

Brain puzzles with endless replay value are a must for any teen in the digital age. They should always have a game like Educational Insights Kanoodle - Brain Twisting Solitaire Game that entertains them whenever they’re tired of the screens. This fantastic fifteenth birthday gift idea includes 200 puzzle challenges, 12 puzzle pieces, a 48-page illustrated puzzle book, and a carrying case, great for traveling.

DCI Pop Quiz Clock, Black and White

This clocks looks great and functions as you would expect. I purchased this for my friend who teaches middle school math and it absolutely made her day, this is a great gift for anyone in the education field!

This elegant yet fun wall clock will find its way into the bedroom and heart of a fifteen-year-old. The DCI Pop Quiz Clock, Black and White, Metal, 11-1/2" Diameter is fantastic for teens who love math. Made of matte black powder coated metal, it's an unusual fifteenth birthday gift that challenges a teen to solve the riddle of time.

Fjallraven Kanken Medium Green Fabric Backpack

Fabulous little back pack for the kids holidays. Love the mini version. Perfect size for everyday use. Amazing colour. Wanted a funky backpack without being too handbag like. Great for walks and general use around town.

The Fjallraven Kanken Unisex Medium Green Vinylon Fabric Backpack is a lovely backpack for school or college. Gorgeously designed with an iconic Scandinavian style, this classic school pack has been in fashion since 1978. It makes an excellent fifteenth birthday gift for teens who need a versatile backpack with a 16L volume.

LEGO Robot Building Set and Educational Coding Kit

Really awesome Lego kit (I think I've played with it more than my son...) Was pleasantly surprised to see it has more functionality than is immediately apparent from the box/blurb. All the aspects from building, coding and play are well covered.

Voice Originals - When in Rome Travel Trivia Game

Finally something to do with my Alexa that isn’t just playing music and telling jokes. The game is fundamentally good and made more interesting with the voice interaction and local voices. Brilliant game! No reading the rules, tell alexa to start a new game and she hosts for you and explains all. Questions good, voice actors were easy to understand, trash talking was hilarious. Would highly recommend.

A fantastic combination between traditional board games and technology, Voice Originals - When in Rome Travel Trivia Game Powered by Alexa makes an excellent fourteenth birthday gift. In this game, Alexa will be the host - with an endless variety of places, players will experience flying around the world, hearing from real locals, and have more than 20 hours of interactive dialogue!

Texas Instruments CE Graphing Calculator

Fast shipping. All perfect

If you want to give a useful fourteenth birthday gift, then the Texas Instruments TI-84 PLUS CE Graphing Calculator is the one. The TI-84 Plus CE is excellent for teens who are starting to learn graphs, math symbols, and formulas. It will last for a long time, and it will be useful in the future too, as it is approved for use on several exams.

50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Teaching Line

Kids had fun playing on this during a camping trip. Very easy to install, with a simple storage bag

The addictive slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line is fantastic for training balance skills and core strength. Super easy to set up, this slackline set comes with 2 sets of lines - a “teaching line” is included, so that beginners can hold on. It makes an excellent fourteenth birthday gift for teens love to get outdoors and get active.

K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set

Great addition to my son's school stuff! He loves building and finding new ways to create! starsVery nice set to teach renewable energy!

With more than 500 pieces of the K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set, kids will be able to build nine different functioning real-world replicas of water, wind, and solar-powered machines. This is a really fun, educational gift for teens. It helps them to learn and compare the efficiency of water, wind, and solar energy. Besides the pieces, the set also features skid plates, a power cord, and solar motor assembly.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

This is a great game, really fun and the app makes it easier to run with small numbers. Easy to learn, even easier to get addicted! This game is a must-have for anyone who likes to play games with their friends

In this fun and engaging game, teens get to be different characters with special abilities - a werewolf, seer, troublemaker, and many more. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a microgame which makes an excellent 14th birthday gift for teens who enjoy fast-paced and addictive fun.

Relative Insanity Party Game about Crazy Relatives

Great time playing this game with the family. Played through hours and had a ton of laughs. I would recommend this for any family game nights.

This fantastic game for game nights with family and friends is an excellent addition to any teen's collection and a unique 14th birthday gift. The Relative Insanity Party Game about Crazy Relatives features setup cards with phrases a player reads, and so that the others choose a punch line card to finish the phrase. The reader picks the funniest punch line and gives that player a point.

Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float

This raft arrived as described and it is very vibrant and colorful. The 'crust' portion of the raft is slightly elevated and perfect for resting your head on. It also has two cup holders which keep your drink stable even during periods of movement. It has also remained adequately inflated and comfortable after repeated use.

Pizza lovers will love this Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float. This great gift has a pizza crust headrest, for additional comfort, and dual drink holders. Teens will get to float and chill by the pool on an inflatable slice of pizza anytime they want - and if you're going to join them, just buy a second slice, that can be rafted up to theirs for a shared chilling time.

TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

Highly recommended for car camping. The Teton XXL sleeping bag is super comfortable. This bag is simple to zip up and down, i dont have to wrestle with fabric, or baffles because it all stays in place as it should.

The TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag makes an excellent fourteenth birthday gift for any camping fan. It is super comfy and soft to the touch, and this sleeping bag is big enough to fit the tallest kid. It is filled with a fiberfill that keeps the person warm and is rates even to freezing temperatures. This sturdy sleeping bag will last for years to come.

PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console

Great system , had my second one, first one was the Regular PS4, the difference is visible in the games, the Performance is better with the additional features at HW level.

Every kid dreams of having a PlayStation. The PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console is one of the best 13th birthday gifts on the market for a young gamer who wants to play high-quality games in a 4K TV. The PS4 pro has the boost mode for more HD power, and the HDR technology, that displays vibrant and lifelike colors.

X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

Very good deal for this well design game chair. This material is high quality and the design is very good. Very comfortable . And back and both side have speaker. As a gamer I really like it. Also it is really easy to use. It comes with the audio cable ! Good price and good quality.

If you know a kid who loves gaming, then the X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair is one of the best gifts for them. Teens will love the built-in radio wireless receiver and transmitter that connects with many chairs for the most exceptional gaming experience. The chair also features two amazing speakers and a subwoofer for a total sound immersion experience.

LEGO Star Wars VIII Building Kit

Loads of fun to build, lots of functions. Son loved it. The set was great and I had a blast assembling it! The instructions were great and very easy to follow and it appeared, they included extra pieces as well.

LEGO lovers and/or Star Wars lovers will enjoy the LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8 75187 Building Kit so much! This kit features LEGO building pieces enough to put together a BB-8 model. It makes a super fun gift for kids, featuring authentic detailing. The rotating head and the opening hatch with welding torch are super cool, and the BB-8 model also comes with a display stand and a decorative fact plaque.

Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game

This game is really fun, best to play with at least 3 friends. Love the quality of the pawns, great detail and size.

A game where players get to be Disney villains and reach an objective before everyone else must be a bunch of fun. The Ravensburger Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game is a light strategy game for up to 6 players, and they get to play like their favorite evil-doers like Ursula, Maleficent, and Captain Hook. This fun gift for kids will get them to think methodically and plan their strategies.

Philips Sonicare Essence Sonic Toothbrush

Great affordable basic electric toothbrush.

1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle

Enjoyed putting this puzzle together.The pieces are higher quality and the colors are gorgeous. The change in hues is subtle but your eye will pick up on it and it helps with completing the puzzle. I highly recommend this product.

The 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle that blends CMYK colors together into a lovely color spectrum. This excellent, fun gift for kids has high-quality pieces that click together making it easier to keep everything in place. The colors make this puzzle easier to assemble, and the color sorting becomes intuitive and soothing.

Plasma Ball

This was quite impressive. Rarely do products like up to their descriptions, but this does. My son bought it after seeing something similar at a museum. He brought it in to school to share with his class, and it made it to school and then home on the bus, so it seems pretty sturdy.

Plasma balls are cool and fun decorative items for any teen's bedroom! The Plasma Ball - 6 Inch - Nebula, Thunder Lightning, Plug-in makes a fantastic 17th birthday gift, featuring 2 interactive modes - a touch-sensitive show of multi-colored lights and a mode where the plasma reacts to touch and sound.

Complete HD Stop Motion Animation Kit

It's SUPER COOL! It comes with sound effects like cars in a city, guns, explosions, animals, and forests and meadows. The book it comes with is really helpful because it's easy to understand, it has step-by-step instructions of how to put laser effects into stop motions, it even gets into the history of stop motions and videos. Overall, the whole kit is very cool and helpful.

The Stopmotion Explosion: Complete HD Stop Motion Animation Kit has everything creative teens need to create fantastic full HD stop motion animated movies. This kit is one of the best 17th birthday gifts for the teen movie maker. The Stopmotion Explosion book included features instructions and tutorials, and the kit also includes a 1920 x 1080 high-definition camera, plus an upgraded easy focus ring and the free software.

Nanotechnology Kit

This is a wonderful kit demonstrating the science behind small (nano) particles, and how the chemical properties of the nanoparticles can translate into (larger) real world effects or applications. Excellent Experiment Kit! Instructions are very clear; nanotechnology applications offered in this kit are very diverse. Some of which I have never knew about before this kit.

This Nanotechnology Kit brings nanostructures into sight for curious teens (and their parents). With over 41 experiments, this kit makes an excellent 17th birthday gift. It features 60 pieces, plus a game board to help them make progress through the experiments. It also includes a laser pointer, an adhesive pad, and many other useful materials for the experiments.

Periodic Table Fridge Magnet

This periodic table fridge magnet is just what I was looking for! Beautifully made. Perfect size.

We all had to learn about periodic tables and know how complicated the names are. The amazing Periodic Table Fridge Magnet - The Perfect Periodic Table of Elements Study Guide is a convenient birthday gift for any student of science. It makes a durable reference and study-buddy for any teen. The magnetic surface of the table is great for sticking on the refrigerator, dry erase board or any other metal surface.

National Geographic Landmarks Building Kit

Great product, gets more than one kid involved at a time, encourages kids and adults to play together. This one is a total success! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Laser Pegs National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology Building Kit is a building toy designed to be compatible with Legos, Knex, and more. This fantastic 17th birthday gift idea is an award-winning toy that sparks the imagination, with a 3D lite board power base, 32 laser pegs, and 244 construction bricks.

The Voting Game Card Game

This game was awesome to play at a Christmas party with our closest friends. We actually learned some things about each other. We had a lot of laughs.

The Voting Game Card Game - The Party Game About Your Friends is an excellent 17th birthday gift for adolescents to get to know their friends and family better. With 200 questions of “who’s most likely to…” included, teens will share stories and memories with each other - and they get to do it anonymously.

Lortone 3A Deluxe Rock Tumbler Kit

Just what I expected. We wanted something dependable but not too expensive. Just getting into some rock collecting and polishing. Have. Completed one batch and we are happy with our choice in tumblers. Note they do run nonstop for weeks. So far so good!

Rock hunters will find the Lortone 3A Deluxe Rock Tumbler Kit one of the best birthday gifts ever! This kit includes a professional tumbler, some rough rocks for training, a 4-step polishing kit, and much more. The instructions also included are step-by-step, and the tumbler has a straightforward operation and a durable motor, designed to last for years. Great for art projects, jewelry making and more.

Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars

This is a great product overall. You will see spectacular views of the moon and larger deep sky objects like the Andromeda galaxy and the Orion nebula. These are a better entry to the world of astronomy than a telescope due to their portability and ease of use.

The Celestron SkyMaster Giant 15x70 Binoculars with Tripod Adapter are amazing for stargazers and explorers! It makes a fantastic 17th birthday gift, featuring multi-coated optics, a large aperture, great for low light conditions, a fine-focusing diopter adjuster, and a tripod adapter which makes stargazing easy for glass wearers.

Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

We love, LOVE this game. I like that it’s so simple to play yet provides a ton of fun for all ages. Right out of the box, you’re ready to play in 3 minutes or less. Another greet feature is that you can play for as long...or as short....as you’d like. Great game—two thumbs way up!!

The Inspiration Play Double Ditto Party Board Game is a ton of fun. This party game makes an excellent 17th birthday gift for an adolescent that would love to bond with their family or just have some fun with friends. Players need to pick a card, read it out loud, write down 2 answers they think everyone else is going to write, and see if any answers match. It features 400 category cards, score sheets, a 15-second timer, and instruction card.

Hashtagit! - Party Game of Tagging Photos

Hilarious game will have you laughing til you cry. Absolutely a must have game for game night. Awesome game. Fun and easy. Lots of Laughs.

In the Hashtagit! - Party Game of Tagging Photos, players need to be funnier than their friends by giving the best hashtag options to the pictures. This fantastic party game makes an excellent 17th birthday gift to be played by 3 or more players. It features 336 hashtag cards, 44 picture cards, and instructions.

Back & 4th - Fast-Paced Fun 4 All Family Games

Best Party Game! We played this with a group of friends, and then with my family. It is so fun and everyone enjoyed it. Download the timer app! It easy and makes the game more competitive. If you are looking for a great group game that will get everyone involved, this game will do that!

Back & 4th - Fast-Paced Fun 4 All Family Games is a fantastic birthday gift for the board game lover. This is a must have in every game closet, in which teams compete against each other in a fast paced game. Excellent for party nights with friends and family. It features 280 cards of 560 categories, plus 2 game pieces, a game board, 2 sand timers, and a free app timer.

Smart Ass

We love this game! My teenage son truly gets a kick out of playing it with his friends. They laugh a ton while they play it. This is one of the better games I have purchased lately and for the price you cannot beat it just to have in your game closet to play once in a while at the very least.

Smart Ass is an extremely fast-paced game that makes a great 17th birthday gift for board game lovers. Great for parties, in this game, players can yell out the answers even if it isn’t their turn. It can be played by 2 to 6 players, and the box includes the game board, 411 question cards, 6 playing pieces and stands, dice, and instructions.

Inflatable Lounger

Great Lounger. I should have bought this a long time ago. It’s so comfy and easy to inflate. Perfect to bring to the park/ beach. Small, light and easy to carry around.

The super cool Inflatable Lounger makes an excellent teen birthday gift. This air-inflated couch is easy to inflate, with no pump required. It has a comfortable pillow shaped headrest design that gives enough support for maximum relaxation. This lounger includes a convenient carry bag, a skate used to secure the couch in position even on a windy day, and a bottle opener.

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery - 1 pack

I absolutely love my new Tile Pro. It’s a very smart looking keyring and doesn’t take up much extra space in my pocket. I love the feature where you double press the tile and it makes your iPhone ring (even on silent), a very handy piece of kit that will only get better with more people using them.

Teens who keep losing their stuff will love the Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery - 1 pack. This great teen birthday gift idea makes phones ring (even on silent) when the Tile button on the Tile Pro is double-pressed. Or, they can also press a button on their phone if they ever lose the Tile Pro - helping them find whatever it's attached to.

Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media

If the teen in your life (or even you) dreams of being the next big YouTube or Instagram sensation, then you need this book. It takes readers through the nitty-gritty of what it takes to be an influencer, and the basics of how to run your own influencer business.

If you know an teen who is interested in becoming an internet influencer, then the Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media makes a fantastic birthday gift. Written by Senior director of influencer strategy, Brittany Hennessy, this book features many tips to build an audience and keep them engaged as an influencer, including all the following steps: packaging the personal brand, pitch favorite companies, monetize, and more!

Holographic Fanny Pack for Women

I LOVE THIS FANNY PACK. I have to order more colors soon. This comes in handy when you are at amusement parks, outside on the go, or honestly just anytime you don't want to carry your purse. There is so much space in both front compartments PLUS there is a compartment behind the bag. The strap is adjustable and great quality.

This Holographic Fanny Pack makes such a cool and thoughtful teen birthday gift. The metallic hologram fanny pack has a retro 80s style - great for the trendy teen! The adjustable belt strap can extend up to 41 inches, keeping everyone’s belongings safe and on hand. It features one big pocket and a small pocket on the front.

WONFAST LED Globe Ball Light

OMG I love this! The colours are lovely, there are different options for speed of changing through the colours, however I prefer the slow one as It's so relaxing. I love the fact it can be charged and taken anywhere in the house or outside even.

This lovely table lamp is a fantastic decoration item for any bedroom full of personality. The WONFAST LED Globe Ball Light, Waterproof Rechargeable LED Bedside Table Lamp makes an excellent teen birthday gift - it has a built-in rechargeable battery and highly efficient and energy-saving LED lights. This colorful lamp has a total of 16 different colors and 4 flash modes.

Sonic Alert Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock

This alarm clock is loud enough that it actually wakes me up (i have it on the loudest). It also wakes up everybody else in the house but none the less it does exactly what it says on the tin

Is getting up early for school hard for a teen you know? Then the Sonic Alert SBB500SS Sonic Bomb Extra-Loud Dual Alarm Clock makes a useful birthday gift idea. The adjustable extra loud alarm and the bed shaker guarantees that they will wake up. The 5-level dimmer and test function ensure the clock is set up correctly, so there are no mistakes.

Mini Bluetooth Earbud Wireless Invisible Headphone

The product itself is outstanding. Music is clear, phone calls are also clear both for me and the person I'm talking to, and even my apps come through the earpiece nicely.

Teens who spend hours listening to music while studying, or on the move, will love the FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Bluetooth Earbud Smallest Wireless Invisible Headphone. Besides being comfortable to wear, they are tiny and have a battery that lasts for 3.5 hours. This thoughtful teen birthday gift is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices from up to 33 feet away.

Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

Great keyboard. No problems at all with setup. Just make sure that you read and complete the 6 steps (especially point 6) when first setting up the keyboard and it works fine.

Every teen needs a wireless portable keyboard to use with their tablet, or laptop. That’s why the Arteck HB030B Universal Slim Portable Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 7-Colors Backlit Keyboard is an excellent choice for a teen birthday gift. It features 7 unique backlight colors, with auto sleep feature to maximize power usage. This ultra-thin and light keyboard is compatible with all the usual operating systems that support Bluetooth.

Knock Knock Selfies Photo Album

This book is hilarious and was the perfect gift for that friend that is always taking selfies. Everyone loved the idea. It has tons of pages that can be filled with printed selfies, all with adorable "ME" captions.

A super fun teen birthday gift for the chronic selfie taker, the Knock Knock Selfies: A Photo Album of Me, Myself, and I is the first photo album ever just for selfies. This album has 32 pages with slots for inserting photos - teens can use it to track the evolution of their selfie game.

Lewis N Clark ElectroLight Lightweight Backpack

Whats not to love about this backpack? rolls up to about the size of a tennis ball and seems to weigh about the same as a few sheets of paper, so a perfect addition to backpacking. I use it for short day hikes/exploring storing lunches/snacks, fuel can, pocket rocket, water bottle, sweater, first aide kit, collapsible fishing pole, and reel and I could probably fit a few more items.

This extremely lightweight backpack (1oz empty) is made of durable silnylon. The Lewis N Clark ElectroLight Multipurpose Travel Lightweight Backpack can be folded and unfolded from a small pouch to a backpack in a few seconds. It makes a fantastic birthday gift for anyone who loves to save space when shopping, traveling, camping, hiking, biking, running, etc.

Sphero Orbotix 1B01RW1 Ollie App-Controlled Robot

Surprise XMas gift for the young one, she loves it, after a charge you get plenty of play time and this lad can fairly move around the place, great outdoors on our paved section of the garden.

One of the best teen birthday gifts for robot-lovers, the Sphero Orbotix 1B01RW1 Ollie App-Controlled Robot is a fantastic gadget that performs tricks as if it was a real-life video game. This app-controlled robot is made of a tough polycarbonate that supports impact. Ollie can be controlled with apps like Ollie, and Draw N' Drive, and can be programmed with Sphero Edu.

Sprigs Banjees 2 Pocket Wrist Wallet

Brilliant invention. Holds everything I need on an adventure. No more digging around in an overstuffed purse

Teens who have a very active life will find the Sprigs Banjees 2 Pocket Wrist Wallet for Travel, Running, Hiking an awesome and useful birthday gift. These wrist wallets hold keys, cards, cash, and ID. They are comfortable and lightweight, and so there's no need to carry bags around when running or riding a bike.

Been There Done That - Icebreaker Party Game

We played this for our club's annual Christmas party. People really enjoyed it. Even the people who said they hated games liked it. This is our new favorite ice-breaker game. You learn a lot about people you thought you knew... the stories that come up are priceless!

Been There Done That - Fun Icebreaker Party Game to Play with Friends and Family! is a fun fifteenth birthday gift. Teens will get to know their friends and even family better in this ice-breaking activity. It’s an easy-to-play game that features over 850 scenarios - no game is ever the same!