25 Exceptional 5th Birthday Gifts

    6th October, 2019

And the crowd goes wild! Knock that little one's 5th birthday out of the park with these great gift ideas.

Can they build it? Yes they can! Is Bob the Builder still a thing? Or is it all about the Paw Patrol now? All we know is, Bob could kick Cap'n Turbot's butt. Why are we talking about Bob the Builder in the first place? Check out this list of 25 exceptionally fun gifts for kids and find out!

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

What a great toy. It is very easy to demonstrate to a 5 year old. She just took off with the concepts and loves instructing Botley where to move. Really impressed with the obstacle detection of this robot and also the line following capabilities. He is really fun to play with and a good robot design.

Botley, the Coding Robot is a kid’s best friend. This fantastic screen-free play can teach kids to code, which makes Botley a tremendous 8th birthday gift to develop STEM skills. It doesn’t require phones or tablets - Botley has the Smart logic function, which allows it to identify objects and dodge them. He can also follow black-line paths, looping commands, and take on obstacle courses. He even has hidden features to unlock.

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cash Register

Easy-to-read, large buttons & LCD display Extremely durable; ours has taken several spills without so much as a scratch Satisfying bell "ding" when drawer opens Long-lasting battery Right number of calculator functions — not too many as to be overwhelming for younger children

This toy makes math interesting for children, really. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register is a toy that comes with everything kids need to start playing and learning right out of the box! Includes 30 pretend US bills, 40 plastic coins, pretend credit card, and activity guide. It makes a nice gift for a 5th birthday, kids will develop math skills in imaginative roleplay.

FurReal Friends Ricky

One of the best Furreal pets and great quality! Got this for my granddaughter and she absolutely loves all the tricks it can perform. She is entertained for a long time. She declared this is the best gift.

The Trick-Lovin’ Interactive Plush Pet Toy is the cutest birthday gift ever. Amazing for kids age 5, this talented pup can perform cool tricks: fur Real Ricky, the trick-loving’ interactive plush pet toy flips his bone, shakes “paws,” and can even bark a tune. If the kid would love to own a pet, this toy is incredible.

Brackitz Pulley Set for Kids

Finally, a truly open-ended toy that allows kids to go from their imaginings to creating something. The pieces are well made and go together easily. This toy will get even an adult mind involved in the building process. Already had a set of about 75 pieces and our 2 kids always ended up having a tantrum because they wanted each to build their own project.

Do you see engineer potential in that 4 year old? Then the ideal gift for their next birthday is the Brackitz Pulley Set for Kids. This set allows little engineers to build replicas of real-world machines and contraptions to gain a solid understanding of the principles that make them work. That kid will build the Archimedes crane, a moving drawbridge, a 4-foot flying zip line and more. This educational toy helps children build a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair

Great quality and easy to assemble. This desk was easy to put together and seems to be good quality. I love that the top lifts up so that we can store away the many papers that my daughter hasn't finished yet.

The made-to-last Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair makes a fantastic 6th birthday gift to any child. Many drawings and homework are sure to be made in this durable construction. It features a high-quality wood with a white finish that wipes clean and easy.

LEGO City People Pack – Outdoors Adventures

Some great accessories, love the tent, mountain bike and baby carrier. These people packs are very good value and a great way to extend your minifigure collection. Grandson needed mini figures for his growing village, and these are absolutely perfect. Lego quality, fast delivery, adequate packaging. All very good indeed.

This LEGO City People Pack – Outdoors Adventures lets kids grow their LEGO City population. This adventure playset features 14 minifigures, including a photographer figure. The best thing about it is that it inspires imaginative play and can be built together with all other original LEGO sets!

VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

Awesome action cam, great price, good quality, bought as a birthday gift, son loves it so much, even I myself want to attach it to the car. Good job, vtech!

This durable and versatile camera allows a kid to capture the most memorable moments of their lives. This VTech Kidizoom Action Cam makes a fantastic sixth birthday gift: it is waterproof and kid-friendly. This 1.4-inch color video camera takes pictures, makes videos, time-lapse photos, and stop-motion videos.

Janod Ukulele Music Set

Super cute for a child's toy! Perfect size for a toddler. It was super cute and quality looked good. Have other products from Janod and their stuff is great!

The Janod Ukulele Music Set makes a fantastic 4th to 8th birthday gift. It is excellent fun for any budding musician. Brightly colored confetti polka dots adorn this beautifully crafted wooden toy ukulele that makes lovely music when you play it.

Fat Brain Toys Box and Balls

The game is set up so that kids can make up their own games and rules. Encourages collaborative play. Develops number skills and hand-eye coordination. Doesn't take up a lot of space on the shelves.

The Fat Brain Toys Box and Balls offers endless play possibilities with its 8 wooden boxes and 8 bouncy balls. This fantastic 5th birthday gift choice is a great strengthener of hand-eye coordination, concentration, fine motor skills, strategy skills, and planning.

Skoolzy Stem Toys, Straws and Connectors with Wheels

I bought it for a birthday gift for my sons. This kit was so wonderful. My kids love it comes with instructions to build different things. Get them, get them for all the children you know. its a amazing

Skoolzy Stem Toys for Boys & Girls - Straws and Connectors with Wheels is a fantastic toy that supports spatial reasoning and creative play with straws and connectors. This fantastic birthday gift option for any five year old allows children to explore and test the boundaries of what is possible. By moving and manipulating the straws and connectors into various shapes and clicking them into place, the kid will gain fine motor skills, problem-solving experience, and will be introduced to STEM concepts.

Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Worth every penny. It was easy to set up and perfect size. Christmas present for my son and he loves it! He’s 5 and loves jumping off of everything so this works perfect for him. Very sturdy, bigger than expected but fit in his room just fine.

Any kid would love to jump in an inflatable bouncer right now. Just ask and see. That’s why the Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer makes for a fabulous 6th birthday gift. Its soft, bouncy floor and high-walls are safe for hours of playtime and kingdom roleplay.

Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset

Gorgeous, high quality, love Hape Hours of imagination at work! This has been an extraordinary addition to our mini man cave. My boys love playing with this, as does every other child who had come over to play. You will not be disappointed.

The Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset is the ultimate space shuttle toy. Designed to emulate a real-life space shuttle and station, with various functional areas. A fantastic birthday gift for a child aged 4 to 7 who loves outer space, this toy rocket has intricate wall printing to make the space shuttle more realistic.

PLAYMOBIL Aquarium Building Set

Easy set up! They like using it with and without water. Easy to clean up. Fits perfect on their kid table with a towel under it.

Aquariums are so pretty. For a 5th birthday, this aquarium building set makes a fantastic gift! PLAYMOBIL Aquarium Building Set includes three figures, three seals, colorful fish and sea creatures, bucket with fish, coral, recycle bins, feeding time clock, and other accessories.

Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game

Super fun, high quality product and great company. High quality set that saves you time!

The GoTrovo Treasure Hunt Game makes a fantastic birthday gift for a kid ages 3 to 8! It means that your present for a toddler may last for years: no two trails are ever the same. This highly entertaining toy is an action-packed pirate scavenger hunt game for the whole family.

L P Kids Karaoke Machine

This sounds better the other non kids ones I have bought before. I can actually hear him through the speakers. It is decently built considering the reasonable price. Happy to have purchased this.

One of the best 5th birthday gifts out there, this Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand makes any kid want to rock. This mic appeals to budding singers with its bright, kid-friendly design. It features 1 sing-along microphone, an adjustable stand, and an extra handheld mic, for that beloved guest singer. It can be connected to many devices through AUX cable (which is included).

Janod My First Confetti Electronic Piano

This attractive, colorful 18-key mini-replica piano will delight children and introduce them to the joy of piano playing. It's stable, and its size is ideally suited for younger players. A fantastic birthday gift to any kid from 3 to 8-years-old, it includes four scores to enable them to play the piano like a true prodigy.

Tentables Ice Cream Truck

It fit our table perfectly. And it’s sooo cute. The colors are vibrant and the fabric seems durable like it will hold up well. This ice cream truck tent had me swooning, the detail and quality is amazing, my kids had so much fun playing in tent for hours.

An easy set-up, portable tablecloth, this makes a stunning 5th birthday gift. The Tentables Ice Cream Truck Play Tent and Table Cloth is the cutest thing ever. It’s colorful and cheers up any playdate moment. This tablecloth is made of premium weight fabric, which is machine washable, stain resistant, and durable.

Crayola 140 Count Art Set

They are reasonably priced, and are great! No more big containers of broken crayons! No more markers without caps! These sets have little spots for each and every crayon and marker, so my kids actually PUT THEM AWAY. Everything stays organized, and nothing gets lost.

If you’re looking for a 4th birthday gift that inspires art and encourages self-expression, then the Crayola 140 Count Art Set is an excellent choice! With over 100 art supplies for coloring, drawing, and crafting, this set features 64 Crayola crayons, 40 washable markers, 1 rainbow art storage case, 20 short colored pencils, and 15 large paper sheets. The crayons are safe and non-toxic so that the kid can have fun without their parents worrying.

Robotics Kit - Build and Code Your Own Robots

The blocks are well-built and the app looks great! The apps are easy to follow, the blocks are quite sturdy and our kid absolutely enjoys building and rebuilding them into what he calls “his little robots”. The whole family has been enjoying the play time with Robo - it’s both fun and educational, and the coding part is easy to grasp for both kids and parents.

Robots and kids are the future. Help a 5 year old to learn to code by giving them this Robotics Kit as a gift for their birthday. Robo Wunderkind is a STEM robotics kit that allows children to build their own robots and program them in a fun and playful way. This toy sparks creativity, boosts intellectual development, and guarantees joyful playtime for kids 5 and up.

Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat

I'm IN LOVE with this rug! It is squishy to your feet like memory foam with a soft velvet like finish. This mat really is beautiful, especially for the price. It's thick and comfy and super soft. The details on it are incredible too.

The cutest birthday gift ever, the Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat is a colorful, engaging game for any 5 year old. It features a map of a busy city with numerous places to go and things to do. Kids will learn colors, traffic rules, safety, and numbers. Imagine them mailing a letter, filling up on gas, going to school and more! This game is made with super soft memory foam and comfy fuzzy top.

Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

Wonderful toy to play with and learn directions and timings point to point. The battery life is incredible. You can play directly with it, without other devices or apps. Connecting and exchanging parts with the USB connectors is easy. The connection is secure. You can manipulate it without parts falling apart.

A fun gift for a toddler's birthday, the Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar is lovely to learn directions and timing. This toy goes beyond ABCs and 123s to help children learn how to think independently and develop skills like sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem-solving, and experimentation. It includes 1 sound segment, 3 straights, 2 right turns and 2 left turns to send the learning fun in endless directions.

ANCHEER Mini Rebounder Trampoline

My kids love to jump on it, and gladly it have rubber guards, so no more noise and no more complaints, those rubber also help keeping the trampoline in place, which is good. I love this product!! Perfect for 2 little ones to jump together.

The ANCHEER Trampoline is a fantastic birthday gift for a toddler and their family. Designed for parent and child bouncing together or for them and a play date, this trampoline helps strengthen the skeletal system and increase bone mass. It has several other health benefits for kids and their parents, like improving overall body balance and posture and strengthening coordination throughout the body.

Mimtom Drawing Stencils for Kids

Better quality than what I expected. The sizes of individual cut out images vary nicely from bigger to smaller, so kids with different levels of fine motor skills can enjoy it.

An all-in-one stencil kit for kids, the Mimtom Drawing Stencils feature 20 plastic stencils (10.3” x 7.3”), 15 ultra-bright colored pencils with paper tube case, a pencil sharpener, and a sketchbook with 20 drawing sheets. This amazing set makes a fantastic birthday giftfor an artistic 5 year old. It includes a heavy-duty lockable carrying case with sturdy handles to store everything securely.

Brackitz Inventor STEM Discovery Building Toy

They are easy to use and the kids really like the bright colors. Fun for all ages! I love the idea of creative non-structured play

From simple to complex, small scale to larger-than-life, gravity-defying, 3D structures, The Brackitz Inventor STEM Discovery Building Toy is an award-winning construction toy that puts real-life art, math, science, architecture, and engineering principles into play. A fantastic birthday gift for kids ages 5 to 6 years old, this Brackitz building toy fosters creative and imaginative play with an open-ended assembly.

Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Collection

Oh my god this set it beautiful! So good for the price, not one fault. And looks bloody good!!! Very easy to assemble

The Melissa & Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Companion Collection is a fantastic birthday gift for any child from 3 to 6 years old. It contains 70 pieces of grocery store accessories where children will enjoy hours of social-skill-developing role play with everyday grocery store items, including an apron, conveyor belt divider bar, shopping bag, play money, cards, and coupons. This creative and educational gift will keep a child and their friends happy for hours.