Educational 7th Birthday Gifts

    17th September, 2019

They're the future, which is why educational gifts are just as important as the fun ones. But who says they can't be both!?

They're seven!? Where does the time go! No seriously, because if they're seven, that means you're... alright, we're getting off track here. Seven is another important age. They're starting to act like little adults, developing their personalities, attitudes and hitting other important milestones. Help them along by getting them something that not only entertains them for hours, but also helps to stimulate that big beautiful, constantly developing brain with these fun gift ideas for kids!

Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Challenge

This set surprised me because it is very simple but has kept my kids entertained. I like that the box is a sturdy cardboard one that I can store everything in. It has got my kids thinking about cause and effect and problem solving. Definitely a set to get kids thinking!

This STEM-themed activity set is a fantastic way you can help kids learn about concepts such as angles, trajectories, and many other physics fundamentals. The engaging Learning Resources Crashapult STEM Challenge features challenges with multiple difficulty levels. It’s a fabulous 6th birthday gift option: the kid-powered catapult is so much fun.

Bit Coding Robot

My son uses ozobots at school, and he was thrilled to get his own for home. This product arrived sooner than promised and was just as described. Everything needed to get started with an ozobot is included.

The pocket-sized Bit Coding robot is a child’s best friend. This toy teaches kids color coding through some screen-free fun. This robot is a fantastic 10th birthday gift idea, great for building early STEAM skills. It offers two ways to code, and the box includes a LED light, optical sensors, a tough Polycarbonate shell, and an online activity library.

Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot

What a great toy. It is very easy to demonstrate to a 5 year old. She just took off with the concepts and loves instructing Botley where to move. Really impressed with the obstacle detection of this robot and also the line following capabilities. He is really fun to play with and a good robot design.

Botley, the Coding Robot is a kid’s best friend. This fantastic screen-free play can teach kids to code, which makes Botley a tremendous 8th birthday gift to develop STEM skills. It doesn’t require phones or tablets - Botley has the Smart logic function, which allows it to identify objects and dodge them. He can also follow black-line paths, looping commands, and take on obstacle courses. He even has hidden features to unlock.

Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank

I absolutely love this money safe that serves multiple purposes. It’s serves as decor, putting all loose change to lessen the weight of my purse, fun way to teach to save money, and I love it! The safe arrive as it appears on the picture and to my surprise it’s a good size piggy bank! I love that it came with a screw driver to open the bottom to insert your own batteries (3 AAs batteries).

Do you agree that children should learn the value of money early? Well, then the Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank must be one of the best options you have for a seventh birthday gift. Made from high-quality, premium ABS, this coin bank is safe, and can store 600 pieces of coins - or 100 pieces of paper money.

She Persisted Boxed Set Hardcover

Beautiful stories of strong women and well drawn art. I really liked these books. I bought them for my granddaughters. They are inspirational for girls. Reading or hearing about women and girls who achieved so much for women’s rights is an exceptional example of persistence.Wonderful books for our daughter but important for girls and boys.

This fantastic hardcover set must be one of the best feminist 7th birthday gifts out there. "She Persisted" features 2 collections about 13 remarkable, tenacious women that left their footprint in the history. They struggled and persevered, and children will be so inspired by their stories!

Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit

This science kit promotes critical thinking and open-ended learning, and the best thing is: it’s super cool! The Be Amazing! Toys Sick Science Fizz Pop Boom Science Kit is a great 7th birthday gift, and this is why: kids do science experiments. That means that they can learn real science while having a blast with their family or friends.