Card Games

Card gifts for card game lovers, nice and simple.

Cards Against Humanity

The modern classic Cards Against Humanity makes a wonderful gift for friends or family members who love party games, and being horribly inappropriate. This new version features more cards than the last with a total of 500 white cards and 100 black cards for endless replay value. The box contains a booklet with the game rules and preposterous alternate rules.

Lingo Playing Cards | Language Learning Game Set

The Lingo Playing Cards | Language Learning Game Set is an innovative way to help anyone to learn a new language by combining the familiar flashcard aesthetics with the fun of playing cards. This excellent gift idea features 4 suits of 52 playing cards and 2 Jokers. Common phrases and their pronunciations are present in this game set, available in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Indonesian, Japanese and Mandarin.

Search History Card Game

The amazing Search History Card Game is a game for any night with family or friends. This fantastic birthday gift idea will make players ribs hurt - it is filled with hilarious internet searches and your friends suggestions.

The Voting Game Card Game

The Voting Game Card Game - The Party Game About Your Friends is an excellent 17th birthday gift for adolescents to get to know their friends and family better. With 200 questions of “who’s most likely to…” included, teens will share stories and memories with each other - and they get to do it anonymously.

Back & 4th - Fast-Paced Fun 4 All Family Games

Back & 4th - Fast-Paced Fun 4 All Family Games is a fantastic birthday gift for the board game lover. This is a must have in every game closet, in which teams compete against each other in a fast paced game. Excellent for party nights with friends and family. It features 280 cards of 560 categories, plus 2 game pieces, a game board, 2 sand timers, and a free app timer.

Gamewright This Game Goes to Eleven

A fun card game for the rock and roll lover, Gamewright This Game Goes to Eleven is a fully-amped card game that makes a tremendous fifteenth birthday gift. Whoever gets to end the game with the fewest cards wins - players need to add up the cards until the pile hits 11, if it hits 11 in a player’s turn, they get to choose who gets the pile.

Been There Done That - Icebreaker Party Game

Been There Done That - Fun Icebreaker Party Game to Play with Friends and Family! is a fun fifteenth birthday gift. Teens will get to know their friends and even family better in this ice-breaking activity. It’s an easy-to-play game that features over 850 scenarios - no game is ever the same!

Pick Your Poison Card Game

The Pick Your Poison Card Game is a great board game of “would you rather” perfect for a fifteenth birthday gift! Teens will get to know their friend’s and family’s surprising preferences with a card set of over 300 poison cards and endless possible combinations. This game cheers up any party and family gathering.

PlayMonster Farkle Flip

The PlayMonster Farkle Flip is not only great for when the internet isn’t working - teens will love to play it anytime! An excellent fifteenth birthday gift, Farkle Flip demands that players flip cards over in hope to make combinations that help them win by using their own hand, or another player’s hand.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

The Exploding Kittens Card Game is a card game made for people who enjoy explosions, kittens, laser beams, and sometimes goats. It is family-friendly and can be played by 2-5 players with one deck (each deck featuring 56 cards). This card game is a fun gift for kids and can be given as a 13th birthday gift for the tabletop game lover.

Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game

In this fast-paced game, kids need to pick up the best combinations of sushi dishes as they pick and pass. In Sushi Go! - The Pick and Pass Card Game, they are the sushi masters and need to score points by collecting a full set of sashimi, or by making the most maki rolls. It makes a lovely 13th birthday gift for a food and sushi lover.

Fluxx 5.0 Edition Deck Card Game

Fluxx 5.0 Edition Deck Card Game is now easier than ever. With only the four traditional card types that everyone knows and loves, this card game is an excellent 12th birthday gift idea. Kids will need to draw one card and play, and next, they need to change the rules as they go, while collecting life essentials.

Patch 5 Second Rule Just Spit It Out

A game in which players need to name 3 things that go with apparently easy topics seems too good to be true. The Patch 5 Second Rule Just Spit It Out has a twist - it only gives 5 seconds for the players to say 3 things that fit on the topics present on the 288 cards. It makes an excellent 12th birthday gift for kids who like challenges.

The Game of Card Grabbin' & Spoon Snaggin'

The whole family loves the classic game of PlayMonster Spoons - The Game of Card Grabbin' & Spoon Snaggin'. A game where players need to race to get four of a kind and grab a spoon, this makes for a fun gift to any twelve year old. It comes in convenient plastic storage and is compact for traveling. Kids will need to move fast so that they are not left out of the spoon-grabbing fun!

Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids

Party games are a blast for everyone! The “Not Parent Approved: A Hilarious Card Game for Kids” is an award-winning party game for kids who need some screen-free fun and interaction. It makes an excellent 12th birthday gift, designed to reintroduce a love of tabletop games for the newest generation. It features 455 durable, premium-printed cards - everything contained by a custom shrink-wrapped box.

ThinkFun Word A Round Game

It’s easy to develop critical skills, build vocabulary, and improve concentration with the ThinkFun Word A Round Game. This excellent 12th birthday gift idea is an award-winning card game that features 100 high-quality word-a-round cards with a total of 300 words. The instruction manual is clear and easy to follow, and kids can start playing right out of the box.

USAOPOLY Hogwarts Battle - Expansion Card Game

With this card game, kids will need to work together to defeat evil forces and save Hogwarts. The USAOPOLY Hogwarts Battle - The Monster Box of Monsters Expansion Card Game is an excellent 11th birthday gift for young Potterheads. In this expansion for the hit Harry Potter deck building game “Hogwarts Battle,” players need to protect the iconic locations while venturing into the Forbidden Forest.


GIGAMIC - Yogi is a super fun party game that will have the kids twisting, turning, and laughing a lot! This fantastic 11th birthday gift adds fun to any party, each turn a player draws a card with an easy instruction such as putting their finger on their nose.

Think Fun Compose Yourself Music Card Game

Think Fun Compose Yourself Music Card Game was invented by the world-famous composer and cellist Philip Sheppard. This fantastic game doesn’t require any musical experience, which makes it a lovely 11th birthday gift for kids who can create a world-class compositions in minutes! The kit includes 60 transparent Music Cards, and also an exclusive website for registering online and listening to the melody created played by an orchestra.

UNO Super Mario Card Game

A classic game for the whole family, UNO now comes with a Super Mario Bros theme! This fantastic idea for a 10th birthday gift includes two customizable cards and a unique Mario Super Star Card. On UNO, players take turns and need to match one of their cards with the same color or number of the card that is on on the top of the deck. Players score points when they are the first to get rid of all the cards in their hands.

5 Second Rule Junior

The family version of the popular party game, 5 Second Rule Junior is just amazing! It is a great 9th birthday gift option, in which players have to read a card and answer in 5 seconds. This easily-played game is terrific for children to play with their parents, and includes 400 questions on 200 cards, a 5-second twisted timer, 6 pawns, the game board, and rules.

Pressman Toys Color Smash Tin in Box Game

This is an excellent game of fast reflexes and color coordination! In Pressman Toys Color Smash Tin in Box Game, players take turns to lay their splats on the stack. When there is a splat with the word on it, any player must SLAP! This fantastic 9th birthday gift drives kids to be the player that collects the most cards to win. It can be played by 2 to 6 players and has a fun and colorful “paint can” to store and keep all the cards together.

MindWare PicWits! Board Game

MindWare PicWits! Board Game is a family favorite. This hilarious card game features rounds filled with comical and surprising comparisons from a wide range of places, people, things, and events. This fantastic 9th birthday gift idea has some easy-to-follow rules and features 144 caption cards and 504 glossy full-color photo cards.

Brainbox All Around The World

Brainbox All Around The World is a clever game for clever young players. This memory recall game challenges players to memorize as many details of the picture on the card as they can in only 10 seconds. This game makes an amazing eighth birthday gift to keep a kid's mind engaged and develop concentration. After the player looks at the picture for ten seconds, the other players roll the dice to determine which question will be asked.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game

Another great STEM toy, the ThinkFun Gravity Maze takes marble run playing to a whole other level. This fantastic 8th birthday gift idea contains 60 challenges from beginner to expert, 9 towers, a game grid, 3 marbles, and a target piece. This toy develops planning and reasoning skills for kids who love learning while playing.

Monopoly Deal Card Game

The Monopoly Deal Card Game is a must in every child’s game drawer. It is a handy way to play the classic property trading game - the winner is the first who collects 3 full property sets of different colors. The Monopoly Deal Card Game makes a fantastic 8th birthday gift that takes a lot of strategy and planning - but provides a lot of fun!

ThinkFun Swish - A Fun Transparent Card Game

A transparent card game, Swish comes with 60 challenges, from beginner to experts. An amazing 8th birthday gift for kids who like challenges and smart games, Swish is fun and very clear and easy to play. The game develops spatial recognition skill - the colored hoops and balls that are printed on the transparent cards need to be stacked to form multiple matches in a single turn.

Simon Swipe Game

A modern twist in the classic Simon game, the Simon Swipe Game is a fantastic 8th birthday gift for girls and boys who love a challenge. This toy includes the classic Simon game plus 3 other modes. Kids need to swipe and tap the right combinations: they can do it solo, or make it a party. This toy features 16 levels of engaging, screen-free fun!

SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception

This amazingly fun game is great for some family fun! SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception is a board game where any table becomes a board. A great 8th birthday gift idea, SET is an easy-to-learn game, it's fast-paced, and with immense replay value. This award-winning fun can be played in only 20 minutes - great for some after dinner entertainment.

Apples to Apples Junior - The Game of Crazy Comparisons

The fantastic comparison game, the Apples to Apples Junior features 576 cards for endless hours of fun. The junior set has no duplicate cards, which means that it may be combined a thousand more times. An excellent idea for an 8th birthday gift, the crazy comparisons are delightful and, at the same time, educational: they expand vocabulary and thinking skills.

Smart Games Color Code

This game for budding graphic designers takes color coding to another level. Smart Games Color Code is a fun twist on puzzle games, where kids need to create from easy to complex color shapes with the materials included - a 3D game board, a game booklet with 100 unique challenges, and 18 transparent tiles with colorful graphic designs. This fantastic 7th birthday gift idea helps children to develop logic and spatial reasoning skills.

Asmodee Dobble Card Game

Asmodee Dobble Card Game is a card game that fosters children's visual perception. In Dobble, kids race to find a matching picture between two cards. The images are difficult to spot, and every card is unique, having only one match with every other card in the deck. This is a fantastic 7th birthday gift option, great in creating excitement for kids and their family or friends.

HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game

An excellent gift a kid for their seventh birthday is a game for the whole family. The HedBanz Game, Family Guessing Game is an engaging, fun question game of “What am I?”. Kids will love to spend some quality time with their families playing this fast-paced game that flexes deductive and reasoning skills.

Rush Hour Game Kit- Traffic Jam Logic Card Game

The Rush Hour Game Kit - Traffic Jam is a classic logic card game for little problem-solvers. This fantastic game can be given as a 7th birthday gift and features a set of 40 challenges, from beginners to experts. Kids can develop abilities like reasoning and planning skills while playing this game and having fun!

ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

The ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers encourages creativity, active play, and gross motor skills while providing a comprehensive stealth learning experience for any toddler. A beautiful, interactive birthday gift. Roll and Play is made with a plush cube and comes with 48 game cards which provide endless learning opportunities and lots of fun.