Group Games

Got a close person who loves playing group games? Get them a new one from this list!

Play Platoon Lawn Dice with Scoreboard

The Play Platoon Lawn Dice with Scoreboard makes a fun birthday gift for that friend who loves outdoor games. Lawn Dice is a fantastic game for some family fun during barbecues, parties, cookouts, weddings, and more. It includes a scoreboard and a carry bag for easy transport of the huge dice.

Inspiration Play Double Ditto Board Game

The Inspiration Play Double Ditto Party Board Game is a ton of fun. This party game makes an excellent 17th birthday gift for an adolescent that would love to bond with their family or just have some fun with friends. Players need to pick a card, read it out loud, write down 2 answers they think everyone else is going to write, and see if any answers match. It features 400 category cards, score sheets, a 15-second timer, and instruction card.

Hashtagit! - Party Game of Tagging Photos

In the Hashtagit! - Party Game of Tagging Photos, players need to be funnier than their friends by giving the best hashtag options to the pictures. This fantastic party game makes an excellent 17th birthday gift to be played by 3 or more players. It features 336 hashtag cards, 44 picture cards, and instructions.

Phone Phever Board Game

Smart phone addicts will love to play the Phone Phever Board Game - Best New Fun Fast-Paced Family-Friendly Party Board Game. An awesome board game on which players get to choose from 1200 questions and challenges, this makes an excellent fifteenth birthday gift. It’s compatible with all smart phones, with no need for apps.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

In this fun and engaging game, teens get to be different characters with special abilities - a werewolf, seer, troublemaker, and many more. One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a microgame which makes an excellent 14th birthday gift for teens who enjoy fast-paced and addictive fun.

Catch Phrase Game

Every party should have the electronic Catch Phrase Game. This amazing game challenges teams to guess words and phrases - it makes an excellent 12th birthday gift for a kid who loves to play games with their friends. The device features 5,000 words and phrases and a timer that keeps track and makes a buzz when the time is over.

Spontuneous - The Song Game

This fantastic party game is a fun 11th birthday gift! The Spontuneous - The Song Game is a game for all musical tastes. Players need to blurt out any song that contains a word given by the game. This award-winning fun doesn’t require any talent whatsoever, and it plays best with 4-10 players or teams.

Stare! Junior Board Game

A favorite game for family night, the Stare! Junior Board Game includes 160 fun image cards with 960 questions, a sand timer, a game board, playing pawns, and dice. This fantastic 11th birthday gift idea develops concentration, imagination, and memory - it’s also super fun!

Sculptapalooza Sculpting Party Game

Kids who are growing up love to get party games as gifts. That’s why the Educational Insights Sculptapalooza Sculpting Party Game is one of the best 11th birthday gifts out there. This hilariously creative and fun party game is played by teams that race with a limited time to sculpt, guess, and win. The package includes a playfoam, a timer, scorecard, a sculpting mat, dices, 220 cards, and the game guide.

Rubiks Race

This game allows Rubik’s cube lovers to race and match patterns with the tiles. This fantastic idea for an 11th birthday gift features a game base with 2 pieces plus the frame - so that kids can race one friend. It also features 48 colored tiles, 9 colored cubes, and a scrambler, that can be replaced by a Rubik’s cube to create patterns.

UNO Super Mario Card Game

A classic game for the whole family, UNO now comes with a Super Mario Bros theme! This fantastic idea for a 10th birthday gift includes two customizable cards and a unique Mario Super Star Card. On UNO, players take turns and need to match one of their cards with the same color or number of the card that is on on the top of the deck. Players score points when they are the first to get rid of all the cards in their hands.

Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game

The Educational Insights Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game is fantastic for a child’s cognitive development and improvement. This great 10th birthday gift option encourages critical-thinking, problem-solving, and spatial-reasoning skills. Kids will enjoy the first Kanoodle game for two players with a friend - they need to slide a card into the board for a challenge, place the pieces shown, then race to fit the pieces left.

ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

The ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers encourages creativity, active play, and gross motor skills while providing a comprehensive stealth learning experience for any toddler. A beautiful, interactive birthday gift. Roll and Play is made with a plush cube and comes with 48 game cards which provide endless learning opportunities and lots of fun.