Puzzles can be a handy for gaining a bit of headspace, and for kids to improve their pattern matching skills. Here we have puzzles for all ages.

Charley Harper - Tree of Life Puzzle

People who are into jigsaw puzzles will find the Charley Harper - Tree of Life: 500 Piece Puzzle (Pomegranate Artpiece Puzzle) incredibly fun. This 500-piece puzzle features Charley Harper’s “Tree of Life” - Harper was a Cincinnati-based American Modernist artist. This puzzle comes in beautiful, bright colors, and the finished piece is 20 x 29 inches total.

Apanage 3D Wooden Puzzle DIY Geek Gifts

The Apanage 3D Wooden Puzzle is a hands-on puzzle that features a robot as a final result with moving gears, lights, arms, and legs. This is an excellent 17th birthday gift for the adolescent who loves to spend some time assembling parts and solving puzzles. The bonus is a lovely decorative item!

Wood Trick Wheel of Fortune Kit

The Wood Trick Wheel of Fortune Kit is not a regular wheel of fortune. This puzzle has precision cut pieces of wood that are assembled together easily. This toy set makes an excellent gift for puzzle-solvers and woodwork lovers – the finished piece looks gorgeous and can be displayed with pride after.

Tom's Turnstile - The Sequential Movement Puzzle

This elegant puzzle makes an incredible gift for a teen. The Tom's Turnstile - The Sequential Movement Puzzle is a brass brainteaser on which a chronic puzzler needs to arrange 12 numbers in the right order by rotating them around the dial with the turnstiles. Forged out of solid brass, it comes in a stylish box and inside a Velveteen travel bag.

Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

Brain puzzles with endless replay value are a must for any teen in the digital age. They should always have a game like Educational Insights Kanoodle - Brain Twisting Solitaire Game that entertains them whenever they’re tired of the screens. This fantastic fifteenth birthday gift idea includes 200 puzzle challenges, 12 puzzle pieces, a 48-page illustrated puzzle book, and a carrying case, great for traveling.

Roger von Oech's Ball of Whacks

A super fun gift for teens, the Creative Whack Company Roger von Oech's Ball of Whacks is a stimulant of creativity and a mental freshener. This fantastic tool for creative people consists of 30 magnetic blocks that can be rearranged into many shapes. The Ball of Whacks features a 96-page illustrated guidebook that provides any 14 year old with insights, exercises, and strategies into the creative process.

1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle

The 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle is a 1000-piece puzzle that blends CMYK colors together into a lovely color spectrum. This excellent, fun gift for kids has high-quality pieces that click together making it easier to keep everything in place. The colors make this puzzle easier to assemble, and the color sorting becomes intuitive and soothing.

aGreatLife Money Maze Puzzle Box

The best gift box ever, the aGreatLife Money Maze Puzzle Box is an excellent way to give a child money on their 12th birthday. This puzzle box works as a coin or money bank and allows you to give a gift inside a gift. The kid will need to solve the puzzle to get their present out of the box!

The Origami Mind Bender Puzzle

A favorite game for any puzzle-lover, the Brainwright Manifold, Origami Mind Bender Puzzle is an addictive collection of origami paper puzzles. An excellent idea for a 12th birthday gift, this game includes 100 captivating problems and challenges. To solve them, kids will need to transform the sheets into squared shapes - they need to do it in a way that only black shows on one side and only white on the other.

Mad Cave Bird Games ColorKu

This is Sudoku without numbers. Mad Cave Bird Games ColorKu is a fantastic alternative to Sudoku fans - instead of using numbers to solve the puzzles, Colorku uses full-colored wooden balls. It makes an excellent 11th birthday gift that features 5 levels of difficulty in an easy-to-set, wooden game board. The game includes 104 puzzle cards, 81 balls in 9 different colors, solutions booklet, a color conversion card, and a storage tray.

Brainstring Retro Brainteaser Puzzle

This fantastic 3D puzzle is one of the best logic puzzles on the market that helps kids develop critical thinking skills. The Brainstring Retro Brainteaser Puzzle is an excellent 11th birthday gift choice, where the player needs to untangle the knot so that no strings touch while making sure there’s a solid color on each of the cube’s sides. A great game for people who love brain teasers, this classic puzzle isn’t that easy.

IQ Link - Multilevel Logic Game

Featuring 120 multilevel challenges, IQ Link - Multilevel Logic Game is a portable game, great for traveling and outside play. This logic game makes for a fantastic 11th birthday gift, that tests kids and pushes them to think outside the box. The set builds spatial insight, planning skills, and logic, and includes a compact game board with transparent lid, a booklet with 120 challenges and solutions, and 12 candy-colored puzzle pieces.

MindWare Word Winks Paperback

Books that teach logical reasoning to children are the best! MindWare Word Winks is a paperback puzzle book that teaches complex skills with an efficient method. This fantastic 10th birthday gift option is perfect for children who are on vacation because it exercises the brain while they’re away from school.

Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game

The Educational Insights Kanoodle Head-to-Head Brain Game is fantastic for a child’s cognitive development and improvement. This great 10th birthday gift option encourages critical-thinking, problem-solving, and spatial-reasoning skills. Kids will enjoy the first Kanoodle game for two players with a friend - they need to slide a card into the board for a challenge, place the pieces shown, then race to fit the pieces left.

Meffert Gear Ball Twisty Puzzle Brainteaser

This brain-teasing puzzle is a new twist for the classic cube puzzle. The Meffert Gear Ball is a fabulous 9th birthday gift for kids who love challenges. Players need to hold the ball with two hands and twist it in opposite directions - the gears will move, and the colors will change. The puzzle is solved when the player frames 6 sides, each with a solid color.

Fractiles Large Version

This beautiful toy introduces kids to the magic of fractiles. The Fractiles Large Version makes a lovely seventh birthday gift. The illustrated instruction book serves as guidance so that kids can make their own patterns with this fantastic symmetry game. It has infinite design possibilities with its 192 colorful magnetic tiles.

Janod 100pc. Underwater World Puzzle

The Janod Puzzle in a breathtaking 100 piece puzzle. It features beautiful blue sea images that kids can dive into. This great idea for a 6th birthday gift comes in bold, bright colors, and features many sea creatures: crabs, fish, octopus, whales, and much more! It comes in a sturdy case with handles so that kids can bring sea fun everywhere.

Snow White Deluxe Preschool Puzzle Game

Where is Snow White? What is happening with the seven dwarves? Help a kid find out by giving the Snow White Deluxe Preschool Puzzle Game as their 4th birthday gift. This logic game features 24 challenges frontside, featuring the colorful dwarf house in 3D, and 24 backside challenges, for a total of 48 problems ranging from easy to expert. This set includes a lovely picture book.

Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles Wooden Jigsaw

What could young builders three and up possibly enjoy more than assembling four dynamic and colorful construction site vehicle puzzles? The Melissa & Doug Construction Vehicles 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw boxed set includes four wooden, 12-piece construction vehicle jigsaw puzzles, each stored in a separate compartment of a sturdy wooden box. An excellent birthday gift for a problem-solving toddler, this set has each puzzle piece shape-coded on the back for easy sorting.

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards Toy

Pattern Blocks and Boards is a classic toy that inspires kids to explore shapes and colors in a hands-on way as they fill wooden backgrounds with sturdy wooden pieces. This fantastic birthday gift option is a beautiful way for kids 3 and older to develop their fine motor skills. They can follow one of 10 design templates or create their own mosaic using the 120 colorful wooden tiles in 6 different shapes.