Space lovers will adore these space travel, exploration and educational gifts, trust us!

Fifth Sun Nasa Logo T-Shirt

Nasa fans will love the Fifth Sun Nasa Logo T-Shirt. This T-shirt is machine washable and extremely comfortable with 100% cotton fabric. It comes in a gray tone with Nasa’s logo in the middle and front. It looks super cool, especially for your space loving friend!

LEGO Saturn Nasa Apollo Building Kit

Image a LEGO building kit where teens get to build and display a meter-high model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V with a removable first rocket stage, and with main rocket engine details with movable second rocket stage. This excellent fifteenth birthday gift allows teens to build with 1,969 pieces and have a fantastic decoration item in their room later.

Gahaya Moon Lamp

A fantastic nightlight for a 14 year old, the Extra Large!!! 7.1"/18cm Gahaya Moon Lamp looks like the real moon. With an LED lightbulb, it is rechargeable with a USB cable included. It makes a lovely fourteenth birthday gift to be used as decoration and nightlight.

Learning Resources Shining Stars Projector

Share with a three or fouryear old child the beauty that is exploring the universe! The Shining Stars Projector lets a kid fly into outer space in the comfort of their house. This fantastic choice for a birthday gift projects stars, planets, space walks, and more, as big as a room allows. The set includes projector, stand, 3 discs (with a total of 24 images), and activity guide.

Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset

The Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset is the ultimate space shuttle toy. Designed to emulate a real-life space shuttle and station, with various functional areas. A fantastic birthday gift for a child aged 4 to 7 who loves outer space, this toy rocket has intricate wall printing to make the space shuttle more realistic.

SNURK Twin Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set for Kids

The SNURK Twin Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set for Kids makes an incredible gift for any toddler’s birthday. Made with 100% real high-quality cotton, this super-soft printed duvet cover makes every dream sweeter than ever. Sleeping once it’s bedtime has never been easier, comfier, or more fun.