Toys, toys, toys, yup, here's a whole bunch of them, enjoy!

Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball

The Yaylabs Softshell Ice Cream Ball is a great gift for kids who have a crush on ice cream. This soft-sided ball makes ice-cream while kids play and shake. By merely adding the cream, sugar, and flavorings in one end, and ice and rock salt in the other end, kids don’t need a fancy machine to enjoy a tasty ice-cream.

xcivi Projector Learning Painting for Kids

Kids (and adults...) can learn how to paint and draw better with the xcivi Projector Learning Painting for Kids. This projector helps kids develop their creative skills while playing - they paint and trace along with the image on paper with the help of 4 disks which provide 32 different kinds of patterns, such as fruit, animals, and vehicle. A great gift for kids, it includes the projector, 4 disks, 12 color water pens, and a drawing book.

Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition

Budding bakers will love the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven Baking Star Edition. This great gift for 10-year-olds has a fresh and modern look, and the kit includes the oven, a baking pan, pan tool, vanilla frosting mix, chocolate brownie mix, rainbow sugar crystals, and instructions. The oven is electric and doesn’t need light bulbs to work.

Haynes Jet Engine Model Kit

Providing a fantastic building experience, Haynes Jet Engine Model Kit makes an excellent 17th birthday gift for teens who would love to be aircraft engineers and inventors. The model of a turbofan jet engine is motorized and features high and low-pressure turbines – after it’s built it also looks good in a shelf.

National Geographic Landmarks Building Kit

The Laser Pegs National Geographic Landmarks and Archaeology Building Kit is a building toy designed to be compatible with Legos, Knex, and more. This fantastic 17th birthday gift idea is an award-winning toy that sparks the imagination, with a 3D lite board power base, 32 laser pegs, and 244 construction bricks.

Sphero Orbotix 1B01RW1 Ollie App-Controlled Robot

One of the best teen birthday gifts for robot-lovers, the Sphero Orbotix 1B01RW1 Ollie App-Controlled Robot is a fantastic gadget that performs tricks as if it was a real-life video game. This app-controlled robot is made of a tough polycarbonate that supports impact. Ollie can be controlled with apps like Ollie, and Draw N' Drive, and can be programmed with Sphero Edu.

ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot

If you know a 15 year old who adores robots? Then the ZOOB BuilderZ ZOOB Bot is the one for them. This amazing fifteenth birthday gift lets teens build their own robot with light up eyes and motorized wheels. It features 50 pieces, 4 wheels, light-up eyes with a replaceable battery, a pull-back motor, and instructions to build 4 ZOOB-Bots.

ELEGOO UNO Project Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit

This electronic assembling kit is a fantastic fifteenth birthday gift for teens who would love to learn more about robotics. The ELEGOO UNO Project Upgraded Smart Robot Car Kit features 24 kinds of module parts, including line tracing module, obstacle avoidance, and an infrared remote control. They can also control via their phone.

MORFBOARD Skate & Scoot Combo

Having doubts about whether you want to give a skate or a scoot to a teen? Worry no more, the MORFBOARD Skate & Scoot Combo, 2-in-1 Kick Scooter for Kids is a fabulous fifteenth birthday gift that doesn’t require that you choose. This board allows teens to swap out included components and morph their boards into a scooter or skateboard in seconds! The Morfboard is available in 4 different colors.

LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109

The LEGO Ideas Exo Suit 21109 makes a super cool fifteenth birthday gift for outer-space robot lovers. This model features an opening cockpit, posable limbs, grabbing claws, and a modular form that can be tuned to suit. Teens will love to build the 2 astronauts with this challenging kit and display them afterwards.

4-in-1 RC Robot Kit

This robot kit gets teens to build their own motorized vehicles and machines that can be controlled by the included infrared remote. The 4-in-1 RC Robot Kit makes a fantastic fifteenth birthday gift to foster STEM skills in the lighthearted way. Teens can build 4 different models, and each model takes from 30 to 150 minutes to complete, which means tons of playtime value.

14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot

Kids and teens will love the 14-in-1 Educational Solar Robot. This excellent fifteenth birthday gift gets a future engineer to build a robot that can be used in 14 different modes. With this robot, teens will learn about robotics and solar energy right in their home. The robot works on land or water, depending on the mode - it’s exciting and fun to see how it behaves in different environments.

Hooked - Hook and Ring Game

This game is simple yet addictive. The Hooked - Hook and Ring Game makes a super fun fifteenth birthday gift for teens who like to hang out with friends and family. It features 3 games in 1, with the instructions of these games included on the package. The premium, durable wood will last for years to come, and the sturdy rings will provide hours of replay value.

NERF Sports Vortex Aero Howler Toy

The NERF Sports Vortex Aero Howler Toy is a fantastic fifteenth birthday gift for the teen with a good throwing arm. The foam ball has a hand grip and a long-distance tail that is amazingly good in sending it to fly far away. The ball howls as it flies, and it’s super exciting to play with!

LEGO Saturn Nasa Apollo Building Kit

Image a LEGO building kit where teens get to build and display a meter-high model of the NASA Apollo Saturn V with a removable first rocket stage, and with main rocket engine details with movable second rocket stage. This excellent fifteenth birthday gift allows teens to build with 1,969 pieces and have a fantastic decoration item in their room later.

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone

The Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone is one of the coolest drones and one of the best fifteenth birthday gifts out there. It is totally foldable into an easy-to-carry size and is fantastic for beginners. The headless mode is excellent because the teen can return the drone with the press of one button.

Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard

The Winmau Blade 5 Bristle Dartboard takes dart throwing to a whole new level. It makes an excellent fourteenth birthday gift for teens who want to practice. It is a lovely bristle dartboard that presents reduced bounce-outs, and a triple-wheel lock-and-level system that secures it to virtually any surface.

Glacier Wooden Boomerang

One of the most popular starter boomerangs in human history, the Glacier Wooden Boomerang makes an excellent and creative 14th birthday gift for any teen who likes to get outdoors and learn something new and fun. It includes exclusive instructions on how to throw boomerangs, and it’s made with imported airplane grade Birchwood.

Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float

Pizza lovers will love this Swimline Inflatable Pizza Slice Pool Float. This great gift has a pizza crust headrest, for additional comfort, and dual drink holders. Teens will get to float and chill by the pool on an inflatable slice of pizza anytime they want - and if you're going to join them, just buy a second slice, that can be rafted up to theirs for a shared chilling time.

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

This fantastic invention kit minimizes screen time for both kids and teens - any child wanting to take some control over their room will love it. The littleBits Rule Your Room Kit helps kids and teens develop engineering and problem-solving skills while creating interactive inventions that combine the kit with anything they already own. This fun gift for teens inspires them to make many inventions but gives them step-by-step instructions for 8 of them, with a bonus challenge.

COOP Sport Scatter Dodgeball

The COOP Sport Scatter Dodgeball is an action-packed, new twist on the original dodgeball game. This exciting, fun gift for teens includes 12 wristbands, 1 soft-impact dodgeball, and 1 dice - each player chooses a color to wear and rolls the dice to begin the game. The dice decide who is going to play next.

Can You Imagine Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk

The Can You Imagine Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk is so great for teens who like to play soccer. This soccer disk floats on a cushion of air - the cushion is made of foam, that surrounds the edge of the disk, protecting furniture from damage. It features powerful LED lights so that teens can play even at night.

K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set

With more than 500 pieces of the K’NEX Education – Renewable Energy Set, kids will be able to build nine different functioning real-world replicas of water, wind, and solar-powered machines. This is a really fun, educational gift for teens. It helps them to learn and compare the efficiency of water, wind, and solar energy. Besides the pieces, the set also features skid plates, a power cord, and solar motor assembly.

LEGO Star Wars VIII Building Kit

LEGO lovers and/or Star Wars lovers will enjoy the LEGO Star Wars VIII BB-8 75187 Building Kit so much! This kit features LEGO building pieces enough to put together a BB-8 model. It makes a super fun gift for kids, featuring authentic detailing. The rotating head and the opening hatch with welding torch are super cool, and the BB-8 model also comes with a display stand and a decorative fact plaque.

Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

A fun gift for kids who love the Avengers movies, this toy turns them into superheroes. Suitable from age 8 through to 15, kids will be able to create unique superhero identities and powers, with electronic building blocks that snap together to turn circuits into inventions.

Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat

Science fun is more than bug catching, space traveling, and chemical components. The Hexbug Nano Racetrack Habitat takes bugs and races to a whole new level. The Hexbug Nanos are robotic creatures that look and behave like real bugs - they can be put to a speed test with the Raceway Habitat set. This fantastic 13th birthday gift idea includes 28 easy-connect pieces, working checkered flags, and 2 rare Nano mutations.

LEGO Education Space and Airport Set

Learning about spacecraft and aircraft can and should be fun! The LEGO Education Space and Airport Set is a lovely 13th birthday gift for a kid who would love to investigate topics such as air-traffic control, long-distance travel, outer space, and aliens. The set comes with five activity cards and elements to build satellites, helicopters, airplanes, an airport, a space shuttle, and more.

Estes Alpha III Rocket Bulk Pack

The Estes Alpha III Rocket Bulk Pack is the coolest 13th birthday gift out there for the young astronaut. Each rocket bulk pack has 12 individual packets, which can be assembled by the thirteen-year-old with the required components. Kids will love to launch and fill the sky with rockets with their friends.

Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit

If more parts mean more fun, then the Zometool Creator 3 Construction Kit is the funnest game of all. It contains 738 precision-made components that build together thousands of different models, ranging from simple shapes to large and complex 3D structures. It makes a fantastic 13th birthday gift and an excellent way to have fun with an open-ended play.

LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower

LEGO for bigger kids, the LEGO Architecture 21019 The Eiffel Tower is super cool! This excellent 13th birthday gift idea features a detailed model of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, that kids can build. It includes a booklet with information about the design, architecture, and history of the Eiffel Tower, and 321 pieces for a blast of fun.

GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine

The lovely science gift for kids introduces the real-life STEM concept of a belt drive. GoldieBlox and The Spinning Machine features GoldieBloc, the world's first girl engineer character. It makes a fantastic gift for kids, who will learn some engineering concepts and principles through screen-free play. This award-winning toy features 34 pieces, including a 49-page storybook, 5 animal figurines, and 9 additional build ideas.

LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Kit with Remote Control

One of the best available stem gifts for kids, the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit with Remote Control for Kids, allows them to build and code a fully-functional robot that walks, talks, and even plays games and completes tasks. This STEM toy gets everyone to build a robot and learn about engineering.

OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set

Tweens need some fun in the sun every now and then. The OgoSport Mezo OgoDisk Set is a great way to have it - a disc game, this set features two sturdy trampolines that throw balls up to 150 feet. This fantastic 13th birthday gift idea is excellent in developing hand-eye coordination while kids pass the included OgoSoft ball, or use the OgoDisk Set like a frisbee at the beach or park.

DOBANI Thumb Piano

Thumb pianos originated in Africa, and they are also called mbira or likembe. The DOBANI Thumb piano makes a lovely 13th birthday gift for young musicians - they just need to hold the thumb piano with their both hands, cover the vibrato holes with their fingers, and pluck the keys with their thumbs.

Quest Skateboard

The 44" Quest Longboard is made of multi-ply hardwood maple, and the best components possible. It makes a fantastic 13th birthday gift for adventurous kids who love to ride boards, and it looks super cool on the boardwalk.

Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick For Kids

This sturdy yet super safe pogo stock must be one of the best 13th birthday gifts out there. The Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick is fantastic for the young beginner - it features a precise design, with comfortable grip handles, and a metal frame covered with foam. It is super fun to jump on, so kids will love it.

littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit is fantastic for teaching kids to code and to control electronics with coding. This award-winning toy makes an excellent 13th birthday gift for a curious kid. It features more than 22 missions in the app, and players can teach their Droid some new skills too. The complete kit includes the droid parts, all electronic blocks, 9V battery, and app.

Fortnite 7" Llama Loot Plush

You have probably already heard about Fortnite. Kids love this game. That's why the Fortnite 7" Llama Loot Plush must be one of the best 12th birthday gifts out there for them. This cute Llama plush is super soft and huggable, and it is made from the high-quality materials. The Loot Llama is a rare collectible, Fortnite fans will love it!

Elephantasm Complete 31-Inch Skateboard

This cool skateboard is made from ply Canadian maple. The Skateboards Elephantasm Complete 31-Inch Skateboard is a mild concave skateboard, which gives it an excellent control while turning, riding, and doing tricks. This fantastic board makes a lovely 12th birthday gift for kids who like to be adventurous and play sports.

Viper League Dartboard Starter Set

The Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dart board Starter Set is made of sisal fibers compressed together and features a staple-free bullseye. This amazing tournament-sized board measures 18" in diameter, and features a complete sets of steel tip darts (3 total), a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser, and mounting hardware. It makes an excellent 12th birthday gift for a kid who likes games and sports.

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Everybody fell in love with wizarding chess. Now, the Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set can be given as a gift to Potter fans. It is officially authorized by Warner Brothers and manufactured by the Noble Collection. The playing board measures 18.5 x 18.5 inches, and the chess pieces are 2 to 4 inches. The pieces might not move by themselves like in the movie, but they look just right and are high quality.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Kids who love Minecraft will have an out-of-the-world fun with the Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio. This amazing 12th birthday gift idea combines real-life objects with a super fun mobile app that allows them to aim and shoot, as well as swap out environments to tell a different story. The Studio includes a movie stage, 3 exclusive mini-figures, 6 different backgrounds, a device holder, and more 18 accessories.

Table Tennis To-Go – Portable Ping-Pong Set

Including simple 2 paddles, 2 balls, and a net, the Franklin Sports Table Tennis To-Go – Complete Portable Ping-Pong Set is a blast! The ping pong net is sturdy, retractable and expandable, and turns any table in a ping-pong table. It makes an excellent 12th birthday gift for kids who love to challenge their friends and have fun.


Do you know a kid who is crazy about water balloons? Then this might be the best 12th birthday gift you can give them. The Water Balloons - Bunch of Balloons Rapid Refill 8 Pack is the ultimate tool for balloon warfare. With it, kids can fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds. Amazing, right? They just need to connect and they will fill like magic.

Star Wars Chewbacca Plush

The cutest 12th, or whenever, birthday gift ever for the Star Wars lover. The Star Wars Chewbacca Plush has a faux fur covering and a super soft and squeezable fill. Its embroidered features give Chewie a realistic look, and the plush hands and foot pads are great for cuddling.

Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game

This is the official tabletop skeeball game that lets kids play skeeball (almost) anywhere! The portable Skee-Ball: Tabletop Classic Arcade Game makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for those who love easy fold-n-go fun. This durable game includes 5 solid wooden skeeballs, the skeeball game board, a score pad, and the game rules.

ThinkFun Laser Chess Two Player Strategy Game

This modern twist on the classic game of chess is super cool. The ThinkFun Laser Chess is a fun STEM toy that has two-player strategy gameplay for some shared fun. It makes a fantastic 12th birthday gift for laser lovers because it features two real lasers with <0.39Mw max output. This award-winning game is easy to play and develops planning and reasoning skills.

Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board

No special skill or training is required to paint with the Buddha Board Mini Buddha Board. Kids will have fun by drawing on the surface of the Buddha Board with only water and the small brush included. This excellent 12th birthday gift is environmentally friendly and will last for years. When the water evaporates they will find a clean slate, ready to create all over again

LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection Set

This epic building set features a detailed model of the London skyline, with 5 iconic landmarks! This cool London LEGO model features the National Gallery, London Eye, Nelson’s Column, Tower Bridge, and Big Ben. The LEGO Architecture London Skyline Collection 21034 Building Set is a fantastic 12th birthday gift for a LEGO lover, it includes 468 pieces and a collectible booklet that discuss the design, history, and architecture of the famous landmarks.

DNA Replication and Transcription Set

The K’NEX Education – DNA Replication and Transcription Set is a fabulous way that kids can learn about the different molecules and bonds that form DNA and RNA. This fantastic 11th birthday gift idea features 500 sturdy plastic pieces, a turn-key Teacher’s Guide, and a handy red storage tray. This hands-on, screen-free activity can be played by two or three children at the same time.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes

The easy-to-use Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Box of Rainbow Mini Notes offers great results. The bright-colored notepad includes 125 rainbow mini-notes, and a wooden stylus to reveal the colors hidden beneath the matte coating. This excellent 11th birthday or Christmas gift idea has multiple uses: kids will surprise people by creating cool illustrations and projects, they can also label items, and express themselves freely.

Flexible Rainbow Keys Piano

A must for any young piano player, the Flexible Rainbow Keys Piano makes an excellent 11th birthday gift. It is a suitable piano for teaching: it has built-in 128 rhythms, 47 timbre and beats, and 14 demonstration songs. Its unique rainbow color design is gorgeous, and the material is refined from a soft silica gel.

Spin Master Games, Perplexus Rookie

This original, challenging 3D Labyrinth is incredibly contained within a sphere. The Spin Master Games, Perplexus Rookie is an excellent and easy-to-use game, but it is pretty hard to master. It makes a fantastic 11th birthday gift for kids who would love to solve puzzles in their spare time. Inside of the Perplexus Rookie, they will find a track containing 70 challenging barriers.

Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Goal Set of 2

Care to get children up and running, and also playing hockey? In this case, the Franklin Sports Mini Hockey Goal Set of 2 is one of the best 11th birthday gifts available. This set is fantastic for the beginner knee hockey player, and it includes 2 goals, 2 goalie sticks, 4 player sticks, 4 balls and a drawstring carry bag for storage.

Djubi Classic - New Twist on the Game of Catch!

With Djubi Classic - the Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch, playing catch will never be the same. This makes for a fantastic 11th birthday gift in which kids can slip the loop of the balls (that are the Djubis) over the launch hook on the rackets, pull it back, aim and shoot. The Djubi balls easily fly up to 100'’, and they float so that the game can be played (almost) anywhere!

Toysmith 5-Inch Wood Duck Call

This 5-inch wooden duck call makes fun and realistic duck sounds. The Toysmith 5-Inch Wood Duck Call is a quacking 11th birthday gift to give a kid. It has a simple design, in which kids only need to blow into the large end of the wood call to whistle to make duck noises.

Gamewright Rory's Story Cubes

A creative story generator must be one of the best 11th birthday gifts out there for an imaginative kid! Gamewright Rory's Story Cubes can be played as a game by kids and their friends, and each large cube features 6 icons. The 54 images can be mixed in over 10 million ways to create endless story possibilities. Players can roll all 9 cubes to generate 9 random images, then they can use these images to invent a story.

LEGO Creator Robo Explorer Robot Toy

With the 3 in 1 LEGO Creator Robo Explorer kids can build the Robo Explorer, that stands over 4” tall, the robot dog, and a robot bird. This fantastic toy makes for an excellent 11th birthday or Christmas gift - the Robo explorer has bright-green eyes, rotating body and head, working tracks, and posable arms with a working claw and searchlight.

Laser Tag Set Toys and Carrying Case

Kids love to hang out with their friends and play Laser Tag! The Laser Tag Multiplayer 4 Pack is an excellent 11th birthday gift for those who would want to play in 4 different settings: play on the same team or in a 1v1v1v1 Free-For-All Battle. It features a carrying case so that kids can play anywhere they want.

ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle-Robotic Dinosaur Toys

Kids who like to play with dinosaur-like toys will love the ROKR 3D Wooden Puzzle-Robotic Dinosaur Toys. This 3D sound controlled dinosaur roars and walks when kids clap their hands. This toy is made from non-toxic, high-quality plywood, and kids need to create the robotic dinosaur puzzle. This way, they improve their practical ability, eye-hand coordination, and problem-solving skills with hands-on fun.

K'NEX – Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building

Kids will love to ride the rollercoaster they've built with the K'NEX Thrill Rides – Bionic Blast Roller Coaster Building Set. The set features 809 K'NEX parts and pieces, plus a motor so that kids can work alone or together to build a fantastic coaster. It also includes a coaster car, a coaster track, and tech robot themed graphics. This excellent 10th birthday gift allows them to use the included cardboard VR viewer to ride Bionic blast once they're done.

Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

The Marky Sparky Blast Pad Rocket Launcher makes for a fantastic 10th birthday gift for children who love to launch. Girls and boys will love to watch their kid-powered missile rocket skywards. The kit features a blast pad case, a launch tube, a blast pad and hose, 3 rockets with foam tips for safety. The rockets’ improved design allows them to fly higher than ever.

LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon

The LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon features 219 pieces, with 3 Minecraft minifigures: Steve with the pickaxe and 2 zombies. With this building construction kit, kids will experience the dungeon, that can be combined with other LEGO Minecraft kits to create their own Minecraft world with building blocks.

Force1 Drone with Camera HD Camera Drone

The Force1 Drone with Camera Live Video is a fantastic 10th birthday gift for children who like to explore the sky while capturing their favorite moments. This is an easy-to-fly drone for beginners with 1-key flips and a headless mode plus high-speed precision.

LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex

With the LEGO NexoKnights The Fortrex, kids will be able to build a vast rolling castle and to defend their kingdom! This LEGO building toy makes for an amazing 10th birthday gift for children who love the Cartoon Network's LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS series. These blocks are compatible with all LEGO construction sets, and the set includes Aaron Fox, Clay Moorington, Axl & Ash Attacker minifigures, and more!

ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle

With the ALEX Toys Craft Rock Pets Turtle, kids can create a pet that rocks! This great idea for a 10th birthday gift allows children to paint their own rock turtle to display in their bedroom or the garden. The kit includes a turtle rock pet, a brush, and 6 weatherproof bright-colored paints.

Mochi Squishy Toys

A great alternative to stress balls, the Mochi Squishy Toys makes a cute 10 birthday gift to a young animal enthusiast. They come in a big storage bag with 16 mini animal squishies that can be rinsed with water directly when dirty. They are made of a high-quality Tpr and are great to relieve stress and increase hand strength.

Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets

Klutz Mini Pom-Pom Pets is a fabulous DIY 10th birthday gift for kids who are into arts and craft. They will get to make their own fuzzy friends by reading the 64-page book included, that will provide lots of great ideas and instructions! The kit also features beaded eyes, yarn, noses, wire, sequins, measuring tape, etc.

Oddbods Large 30cm Plush Soft Cuddly Toy

One of the cutest 10th birthday gift possibilities out there, Oddbods Large 30cm Plush Soft Cuddly Toy is made from a bright material, which is super soft and cute. It makes a great addition to any toy collection and is fantastic for playtime and bedtime. They are collectible, and each one features a different facial expression that shows their personality.

Hatchimals, Hatching Egg with Interactive Toy

The HatchiBabies Ponette, Hatching Egg with Interactive Toy is a really cute toy with fun accessories! Great as a 10th birthday gift choice, the HatchiBaby is a magical plush creature that hatches out of its speckled eggs right before a kid’s eyes. The HatchiBaby is an interactive toy that children can talk to and play games like peek-a-boo.

PANELS - 114-Piece Magnetic Building Set

A STEM learning product, the Geomag - PANELS - 114-Piece Magnetic Building Set gets kids interested in the science of magnetic construction. The toy halpes develop imagination and curiosity, and that’s why it makes an excellent 9th birthday gift. The playset contains 114 pieces, featuring 36 steel balls, 38 magnetic rods, and 40 plastic shapes that let them connect and build fantastic creations.

Learning Resources Mix And Measure Activity Set

An excellent gift for budding cooks or scientists, the Learning Resources Mix And Measure Activity Set features some durable and colorful mixing tools, contoured for little hands. It makes for a fantastic 7th birthday gift, that has instructions for the production of mystery goo, slime, puffy paint, and more! The set includes a scale, 6 uniquely designed measuring cups, and 3 self-standing spoons.

Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank

Do you agree that children should learn the value of money early? Well, then the Electronic Piggy Banks Mini ATM Electronic Coin Bank must be one of the best options you have for a seventh birthday gift. Made from high-quality, premium ABS, this coin bank is safe, and can store 600 pieces of coins - or 100 pieces of paper money.

Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit

Folding paper airplanes is a lost art. Introduce a kid to it in the most fun way! The Fold N Fly Paper Airplanes Kit is an amazing 7th birthday gift. The papers are colorful and full of patterns, they can be personalized with stickers and can be made by following the easy instructions included.

Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set

Hot Wheels tracks can already be considered a classic, right? Every kid loves them. The super fun Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash Track Set revs up a kid’s curiosity and problem-solving skills. It includes one Hot Wheels vehicle so a child who got this 6th birthday gift can go on racing adventures right out of the box!

3-D Kinetic Sculpture & Interactive Spring Toy

This hypnotic toy is a kid’s favorite and an amazing 6th birthday gift option. The GeoFlux Mesmerizing 3-D Kinetic Sculpture & Interactive Spring Toy spring device is a continuous strand of stainless steel in rich, vibrant, metallic colors. A fantastic trick and exercise tool, this toy folds flat and pops open. It also “fluxes” easily: hand-to-hand, arm-to-arm, person-to-person.

Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer

Any kid would love to jump in an inflatable bouncer right now. Just ask and see. That’s why the Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Bouncer makes for a fabulous 6th birthday gift. Its soft, bouncy floor and high-walls are safe for hours of playtime and kingdom roleplay.

Hedstrom Paw Patrol Skye Hopper Ball

The Hedstrom Paw Patrol Skye Hopper Ball is incredible fun for kids. This great way to get kids up and running makes a fantastic 5th birthday gift. The hop ball is durable enough to use inside or outside the house: the colorful graphics of the kids' favorite characters will turn this ball into their favorite toy!

KLUTZ My Pom-Pom Pet Shop Craft Kit

The KLUTZ My Pom-Pom Pet Shop Craft Kit is the most adorable birthday gift ever. Kids age 4 to 6 will love to create ten of their own fuzzy friends using pre-made pom-poms, paper punch-outs, and glue. Then, they can assemble their own pet carrier to transport their critters. This kit has everything they need to make a pom-pom pet shop—no food, walks, or house-training required.

Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat

The cutest birthday gift ever, the Milliard Car Rug Road Play Mat is a colorful, engaging game for any 5 year old. It features a map of a busy city with numerous places to go and things to do. Kids will learn colors, traffic rules, safety, and numbers. Imagine them mailing a letter, filling up on gas, going to school and more! This game is made with super soft memory foam and comfy fuzzy top.

Roly The Laughing Dog Soft Toy

Roly The Laughing Dog Soft Toy is a kid's best friend. If laughter is the best medicine, then this dog will live forever. Motion sensor activated and adorably silly, this Laughing Dog toy will roll around giggling his head off while his big ears and soft feet flop around in helpless laughter. A great birthday gift for a 5 year old, this toy can't stop laughing. It's colored brown and white and has a light sensor in the head.

FurReal Friends Ricky

The Trick-Lovin’ Interactive Plush Pet Toy is the cutest birthday gift ever. Amazing for kids age 5, this talented pup can perform cool tricks: fur Real Ricky, the trick-loving’ interactive plush pet toy flips his bone, shakes “paws,” and can even bark a tune. If the kid would love to own a pet, this toy is incredible.

Play Mat and Toy Storage Bag

Looking for a gift for that 4 year old who loves cars? Well, the Play Mat and Toy Storage Bag is a fantastic birthday gift choice. Cars that are under the bed, on the floor, and in the dog's basket won't be everywhere anymore, they'll be on the roads on this Play Mat! The Play&Go bag is a simple and effective solution for toy storage and its lots of fun. Made from pure cotton fabric, it has a portable design that makes it a great toys storage sack for the beach, the park, holidays, or trips to visit grandparents.

Janod Zigolos Balancing Game - Flamingo

The Zigolos Balancing Game - Flamingo is a fun, wooden balancing toy. The aim of the game is for each player to put the cute chicks along with the of the flamingo without them falling off. It makes a birthday present for a 4 year old, and teaches fine motor skills and balance.

Hog Wild Toys Penguin Popper

A penguin that shoots soft foam balls up to 20 feet makes a great birthday gift for playful children! Kids from ages 2 to 6 will love this toy. It's easy to use, and screen-free. All they need to do is squeeze the penguins belly: the harder they squeeze, the further it shoots.

Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset

The Four Stage Toddler Rocket Ship Playset is the ultimate space shuttle toy. Designed to emulate a real-life space shuttle and station, with various functional areas. A fantastic birthday gift for a child aged 4 to 7 who loves outer space, this toy rocket has intricate wall printing to make the space shuttle more realistic.

Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Toy

Kids love bowling toys. But this one is so cute that you'll want to make a birthday gift of it. The Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Set is a colorful game to use indoors or outdoors. It features six amazing, colorful monsters and one monster ball. When not in use, it can be stored in its handy storage case. This fantastic toy encourages creative play with its cute monster figures.

Kinetic Sand, 3lbs Beach Sand

Every kid loves to play with sand. However, instead of giving a toddler a bucket of sand, bring them the beach-sand fun without the mess. Kinetic Sand is like magic sand that sticks to itself and not to you! It oozes, moves, and melts right before your eyes. It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but leaves them completely dry. This toy makes a fantastic birthday gift to any toddler and stimulates their imagination and their manipulative ability.

Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game

This adorable version of the classic Candy Land game features gingerbread men as movers, colored cards, and fun illustrations that kids love, with different destinations like Cookie Commons and the chunky Chocolate Mountain. The Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game makes a lovely birthday gift to any toddler. Players choose their cards and move their pawns while letting their imaginations soar as they make their way to the castle to win.

Melissa & Doug Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter

The Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter 28-piece wooden ice cream play set allows children 3 and up to scoop different flavors of ice cream and interact with their friends in a playful social environment. The Wooden Scoop & Serve Ice Cream Counter makes a great birthday gift for kids ages 3 and up. The scooper is easy to use and replicates the practical action of serving ice cream.

3 Bees & Me Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls

This is an amazing 3rd birthday or Christmas gift for any dinosaur lover. This dinosaur set is great for getting a little one interested in learning about science and dinosaurs. The collection of 4 dinosaur toys encourages curiosity about science, imagination, and motor skills through fun play.

Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car with Music & Lights

Cars are classic children's toys, fit for any age. The Holy Stone RC Cartoon Race Car with Music & Lights is an excellent choice for a birthday gift for any toddler. This race car's sleek wheels and cute design make for a lightning fast and fun toy. It features honking sounds, music, and flashing headlights. Light and sound effects can be initiated by pressing the button on the remote-control car.

Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper for Kids

The Flybar My First Pogo Pals Jumper for Kids makes a fun gift for any toddler on their birthday, and is a wonderful option for a 3rd birthday gift. The soft, comfortable foam handles allow the little ones to play all day long, and the secure stretchy bungee “spring” is suitable for most heights. This toy has 5 available pogo pals heads, great for boys and girls to show off their personality.

Melissa & Doug, Let’s Play House!

Playing house is a great way for kids to develop confidence and responsibility whimsically. This Melissa & Doug toy is a great birthday gift for a toddler. The Let's Play House Pretend is a six-piece play set that gives kids all the housekeeping tools they need to keep it clean. Sized just for children and built to last, the broom, mop, duster, dustpan, and hand brush are comfortable to use and easy to store. This set enables kids to learn to clean up after themselves, using tools that perfectly fit them - if there's a second birthday gift out there that parents will thank you for, this is it.

Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar

A fun gift for a toddler's birthday, the Fisher-Price DKT39 Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar is lovely to learn directions and timing. This toy goes beyond ABCs and 123s to help children learn how to think independently and develop skills like sequencing, critical thinking, reasoning, discovery, memory, problem-solving, and experimentation. It includes 1 sound segment, 3 straights, 2 right turns and 2 left turns to send the learning fun in endless directions.

HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game

The HABA Rainbow Whirls Pegging Game makes a beautiful 2nd birthday gift The brightly-colored pegs and rings are sure to bring hours of entertainment to the playroom - the color combinations are endless! The rings can also be piled up on the pegs. This stacking game is ideal for free play and is made out of Beechwood that comes from sustainable forestry in Germany.

Green Toys Tea Set

This Green Toys Tea Set is a great second birthday gift idea! It meets food contact standards, is BPA free, and ensures durability, strength, and safety. This tea set toy is designed for encouraging gross and fine motor skills development in children. It will help them learn how to sort and arrange things the better way. You might even be invited to their tea parties!

HABA Number Maze Magnetic Game Stem Toy

HABA Number Maze Magnetic Game Stem Toy is an educational and playful gift for any toddler on their birthday! This colorful toy is made of lime plywood and measures 9.5 inches in diameter and is 3/4 inches thick. The wooden maze is self-contained behind thick clear plastic and offers safe magnetic fun that fosters motor skills, concentration and getting acquainted with numbers 1-5.

Melissa & Doug Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars

From the ever awesome Melissa & Doug, the Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars, Developmental Toys Set is a match-and-stack set of 7 stacking garages and 7 wooden cars. A great gift option for any 2nd birthday, this set is excellent in helping kids with hand-eye coordination, concepts of color, size, and number, counting, problem-solving, and creative play. With the set, the toddler will be able to play with colorful garages feature counting pictures on the back walls, practice new first-concepts, and build a tower or a town.

Moluk Bilibo Yellow

Simple, elegantly and attractive, the Moluk Bilibo inspires creative and imaginative play for boys and girls. If you want a second birthday gift that stimulates creativity and open-ended play, the Bilibo is a great option! Kids can use the Bilibo to sit, step, spin, stack, and much more.

Cloud b Twilight Turtle Purple Nightlight Soother

Cloud B Twilight Turtle is a plush toy that transforms any room into a starry night sky to help comfort children to sleep. From within his plastic shell, Twilight Turtle projects a magical constellation of stars onto bedroom ceiling and walls in three soothing color options. This makes an excellent 2nd birthday gift. Twilight Turtle's shell illuminates to help ease children's fear of the dark. The Twilight Turtle includes eight actual constellations within the star pattern.

Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Wooden Pull Toy

An outstanding tagalong push or pull toy for a little one, the Hape Walk-A-Long Snail Toddler Wooden Pull Toy makes a great first or second birthday gift. A durable and sturdy wood toddler toy, it contains water-based paint and has non-toxic finishes. This bright and colorful toddler shell features three differently shapes holes for toddlers to practice shape sorting on one side and an elastic-banded opening on the other.

Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game

The Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Game features 6 monster bowling pins and a beastly bowling ball along with a zippered carrying case for secure storage and portability. Excellent addition to a toddler’s gift box, this game is a fabulous second birthday gift idea. This kids plush bowling set is easy for them to set up and play with, thanks to the weighted bottoms infused in each bowling pin.

BettRoom Toddler Geometric Board Blocks

A fantastic educational shape toy for toddlers, the BettRoom helps kids learn shapes, colors, counting, and hand-eye coordination. This is a great gift option for a second birthday. The BettRoom can inspire children’s imagination as well as promote their physical and intellectual development. The toy contains 16 pieces of detachable and removable blocks. Perfectly sized for toddlers’ hands, they are a great choice as travel toys.

Green Toys Seaplane in Green Color

The Seaplane toy is a fabulous birthday gift option for a one or two year old. It’s made using 100% recycled plastic milk jugs that ensures that the toy is safe for the child as well as the environment. This fun toy is designed to float when taken to a bathtub or pool. The buoyant yellow and green floatplane features spinning propeller with chunky, oversized pontoons — perfect for coasting into any port.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy

The Deluxe Pounding Bench Wooden Toy with Mallet is a classic pounding toy with a design twist. A gift appreciated by any two year old, the pounding bench allows developmental play and learning experience. As the colorful, non-removable pegs on the bench go up and down, they play peekaboo, taking turns showing their friendly smiles. Gift a child for their birthday with this fun, hands-on, screen-free play option.

Green Toys My First Tugboat

The Green Toys My First Tugboat is designed for young sailors who are keen to learn more about sailing, and is a great 2nd birthday goft for any child who loves playing with water. This Tugboat toy features a colorful boat and a wide spout which will help the child scoop and pour water. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, the Tugboat toy is made with 100% recycled plastic milk containers.

Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack

The Brio My First Railway Beginner Pack is such a beautiful 2nd birthday gift! The pack includes an ascending wooden track so trains can go up and down, a colorful bridge and a wagon that makes a lively noise. Finished in bright red and green this train set is fantastic for playful toddlers, it sparks creativity and helps develop hand-eye coordination.

LeapFrog Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

The LeapFrog ice cream cart allows kids to crate tasty-looking combinations while introducing the colors and flavors of different ice creams and toppings. A fantastic birthday gift idea for a two year old, the cart helps kids to build memory and sequencing skills, to learn how to count to ten, to name colors, flavors and more. Imagine how cute any child would be while pushing the cart around and taking orders on a hot summers day.

3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag

Perfectly practical, this adorable toy storage bag and playmat is great for parents who are on the go, making it easy to carry and layout toys from place to place. Adorable animal prints: choose from hedgehog, elephant, fox and more. It's also soft and easy to clean, and under $30, making it one of the best baby shower gifts we've seen.

Rub A Dub, Who’s in My Tub?

This "Rub A Dub, Who's in My Tub" gift set combines reading and playing in the bath! It contains a 100% cotton hooded elephant towel, a storybook and the 3 accompanying bath toys. Shipped in a beautifully packaged gift set, this makes for a baby shower gift that will bring heaps of fun to the newborn and parents.

Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Mobile

The Tiny Love Soothe 'n Groove Mobile makes an amazing gift for newborns and toddlers. The mobile moves softly and contains 18 different melodies, either soothing for napping or energetic for playtime. Extra features are the nightlight and the possibility to remove the mobile to entertain toddlers with the separate music box.

Playgro Loopy Loops Ball

This soft and colourful Playgro Loopy Loops Ball has many different features to keep newborns entertained. The different loops make it easy for children to grab ahold of and it makes a soft sound when shaken or thrown. There is also a mirror on the bottom and a loop to hang it off a toy bar or other. This ball is not only fun, but will also help improve the babies' fine motor skills. What more do you need in a baby shower gift?

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Stroller Toy

Looking for a fun and playful toy as a baby shower gift? The Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Stroller Toy is very soft and shaped like a cloud. It is easily attached to a stroller bar or baby carrier, and it vibrates and shakes when you pull the handle. The other attachments make crinkly and squeaky sounds, sure to delight any newborn!

Pull Along Puppy Pal Toy

What's cuter, puppies or babies? That's what the people at VTech must have thought when they designed this Pull Along Puppy Pal Toy, a perfect gift for newborn babies. Pulling it along helps kids to develop their motor skills and the songs it sings teach numbers and colours.

Yoee Baby Fox Newborn and Baby Development Toy

The Yoee Baby Fox is a premium Multi-Purpose Toy for Newborns and Babies. It has a soft feathered tail to stimulate touch, a silicone teething ring and it makes rattle sounds for hearing development. And all that is wrapped up in a playful character made with high-contrast colours. They thought of everything when designing this gift for newborns.

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Teething Toy

We think a Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy would make a perfect baby shower gift for any newborn! It's made up of a multi-sensory rattle and features different textures for babies to explore. The bandana teether is easily to detach and use separately and it's PVC and Phthalate-free. And last but not least, all of this is presented in the shape of a cute, little puppy. What's not to love?

Tiny Love Super Mat, Black & White

Is the newborn you are shopping for out of this world? Then this starry night themed Tiny Love Magical Tales Super Mat in black & white makes for a perfect baby shower gift! The mat is equipped with a mirror, a crinkly star, a teething toy, a peek-a-boo house and colourful, satin ribbons to encourage playtime, cognition and gross motor skills.

Baby GUND Stacker Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

The Baby GUND Playful Pals stacker Ring Set features five stuffed animal plush toys that can be stacked on an equally soft base. The giraffe on top also doubles as a rattler and the entire set is made with special heather fabric. Oh, and did we mention that it's entirely machine-washable? What a great baby shower gift!

Lil' Spout Belly Blanket, Gray Elephant

This Bearington Baby Lil' Spout Belly Blanket come sin the shape of a gray elephant stuffed animal. It makes for a perfect baby shower gift because it's luxuriously soft, machine washable and durable. The plush playmat will protect babies from hard surfaces during their playtime and tummy time.

Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Teething Toy

The Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toy is a fun, colourful gift for newborns. It crinkles, rattles and squishes to keep babies entertained. It also features loops, rings and a detachable bandana teether! The different patterns, textures and sounds for multi-sensory play.

Click N' Play Assorted Colorful Bath Squirters

Bath time will quickly equal playtime with this Click 'N Play Assorted Colorful Bath Squirters. The 12 different sea creatures in bright colours come with a mesh organizer that can be attached to the wall with suction cups. The toys are not only soft and squishy, but they also squirt water to make this baby shower gift even more perfect!

Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy

You know what can make a baby shower gift perfect? If it helps babies sleep better! And that's exactly what this Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother Crib Toy with remote does! It lights up and plays soothing ocean sounds. The sounds and lights will gradually dim, to help babies fall asleep quicker. And it has a remote control to make it easier to turn on and off.

LeapFrog Tumble & Learn Color Mixer

This LeapFrog Tumble & Learn Mixer is not just a fun but also an educational toy! The construction truck will teach colours, shapes and numbers during playtime. Babies can even learn how to mix and match colours, or just listen to songs and add their own sounds to them by pressing the buttons. So if you're looking for something that combines fun and education, this is the perfect baby shower gift for you!

Gund Baby Animated Flappy The Elephant Plush Toy

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro? This Gund Baby Animated Flappy Elephant plush toy doesn't just sing, it also dances and flaps its ears to the music. And that's not all, this elephant plush toy will also play peek-a-boo, which young children will love! You can stop looking for that first birthday gift, because you've found it!

Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument

A cute birthday gift to inspire a one-year-old’s musical skills, the Hape Mighty Mini Band Wooden Percussion Instrument is an award-winning set. It features a wooden drum, cymbal, guiro, xylophone, two drumsticks, and a clapper, with screen printed art to increase visual appeal. These toys will stimulate the baby through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities.

Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm

Every baby needs a farm toy. The Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm is a great gift option for a first birthday. This toy provides opportunities for realistic role-play, where the child helps Farmer Eddie heard the animals into their stalls by matching them to their pictures.

Green Toys Shape Sorter, Green/Blue

The My First Green Toys Shape Sorter puts an eco-friendly spin on a classic play pattern. Made in the USA from food-safe, 100% recycled plastic, the lightweight shapes are perfect for little ones just learning to grasp, while older toddlers can practice fine motor skills and color matching. A fantastic gift for a first birthday, this shape sorter is a must for every toy box.

Jellycat Odell Octopus Stuffed Animal

The Jellycat Odell Octopus is a stuffed animal with a difference, and makes a great first birthday gift. The soft plush will remind the kid of the sweetest hugs and memories for years to come. Plush toys from Jellycat come in a variety of sizes to cuddle, including mini, small, medium, large, huge, and REALLY big.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench

The Hape Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone is a great gift for that upcoming first birthday. This pounding toy for toddlers encourages musical development and exploration, audio recognition, and play. The multifunctional musical instrument is durable and child safe and helps in the promotion of dexterity, hand-eye coordination, manipulation, arm movement, and understanding cause and effect.

Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

This toy features 80 big, colorful building blocks made just for toddlers to build, stack, and explore endless possibilities. The Mega Bloks 80-Piece is a toy fit for any one year old. An amazing birthday gift for a one year old, this set has big blocks that fit together and come apart quickly, helping the child to develop fine motor skills and art over hours of open-ended play.

Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy

The Melissa & Doug Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy is a wooden activity walker for babies on the move. This toy is a great first birthday gift, featuring three chomping alligators, fish on the wheels, spinning butterfly, and ladybug beads. Add the Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Elephant Rocking Stacker to round out the hands-on play experience and give kids an engaging option for screen-free fun.

Green Toys Dump Truck in Yellow and Red

Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled plastic, this award-winning toy truck has a workable dumper that encourages motor skill development. The Green Toys Dump Truck in Yellow and Red makes a great gift for a one year old. Its sturdy design features fully functioning dumper and no metal axles. This dumping truck toy is a practical and innovative way to make any baby improve their fine and gross motor skills, including the improvement of their pincer grip.

Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser

The Step2 Whisper Ride Cruiser Ride-On Toy is a stylish birthday one year old gift. Any kid will have a blast strolling around town in this sleek Step2 push car. This kid’s ride-on features a realistic body style that matches today’s supercars, including life-like decals and interactive features. This ride also has whisper wheels for limited road noise and has a spacious, under seat storage and multiple cup holders. A great match for long walks!

EverEarth Toddler Workbench

This toy made of sturdy, durable wood makes an excellent birthday gift to a one year old budding carpenter. The EverEarth Toddler Workbench with Tools is an educational toy for toddlers and preschoolers that develop a child's STEM capabilities. Learning to use the wrench and screwdriver teaches logical thinking and problem-solving. Assembling nuts and bolts encourages fine motor skills. Also, of course, the toddler will delight in swinging the hammer.

Revanak Activity Cube

Made of natural hardwood and stained with non-toxic water-based paint, the Revanak Activity Cube is a multipurpose activity and learning cube. The cube will keep the child entertained with geometric shape sorting, counting beads, sliding animals, spinning gears, and a wire bead maze on top! It’s a fantastic first birthday gift. It encourages the child to recognize shapes, colors, and more as they develop fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Fat Brain Toys pipSquigz

What happens when babies and toddlers encounter playful colors, fun sounds, fresh tactile experiences, and super-suction? That's what this toy does. The Fat Brain Toys pipSquigz is a uniquely shaped pipSquigz made of high-quality silicone. It features suction cups that stick together and POP apart, fun rattle sounds, variety of textures, brilliant colors. It's a fantastic, addictive first birthday gift. Made of exceptionally durable, high-quality silicone, this toy is easy to clean, dishwasher safe and BPA-free: perfectly safe for teething.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Touch & Feel Puzzle

The Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Touch & Feel Puzzle is a 4-piece wooden chunky puzzle with textured animal pieces that stand up for pretend play. This is an excellent choice for a first birthday gift, or Christmas gift for a one year old. It features bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical designs to boost sensory development, fine motor, and social and emotional skills. The pieces include a kitten, a puppy, a bunny, and a bird.

PlanToys Dancing Alligator

This carefully crafted push-pull toy enriches a toddler’s early development by inspiring their imagination as well as promoting their physical and intellectual development. The PlanToys Dancing Alligator is a great first birthday gift for your favorite one year old. The toy is made from non-toxic, natural materials such as organic rubberwood - the wooden pieces make rhythmic, fun click-clack sounds. This alligator is a child’s companion to play, learn, and become closer to nature while it’s being pulled.

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

If you have ever been around a baby for long enough, you know they stack everything. This Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo toy takes stacking seriously. It features six dual-colored, weighted spheres stacked atop a sturdy base, great for sensory exploration, fine motor skills, coordination, visual-spatial acuity. This toy has a texture that helps grip, and playful curves that invite little fingers to explore, enliven tactile experiences. This innovative, creative toy is an excellent gift for a one year old on their birthday for sure.

Manhattan Toy Skwish Color Burst Rattle

This time-honored classic is instantly recognizable, an intriguing blend of ingenious design and developmental function. The Manhattan Toy is a multi-sensory clutching rattle that encourages babies’ grasping and reaching, essential for gross motor skills. This wooden baby toy is suitable for toddlers on their very first birthday. It comes in a square packaging, which is easy to gift wrap. The Manhattan Toy is a safe, fun gift for a baby. It looks cool, and babies love it!

Radio Flyer Classic Walker Wagon

Classic, safe, and versatile, this award-winning push wagon is a favorite for children and parents alike. It makes an excellent gift for a one year old. The "resist push" feature allows beginner walkers to build confidence and balance safely. Removable wooden stake sides add to the fun, and the furniture friendly bumper protects the parent's home as their little one learns to walk. The product features durable molded wheels with grip tread for comfort and travel.

14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set

This toy is a modern twist to the classic building blocks toys. An excellent toy for open-ended, screen-free fun, this is a simple and premium heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations. The set features 14 magnetic blocks that help a child’s development over time through play: enhanced fine motor skills, pattern recognition, imaginative play, problem-solving, storytelling, and more. The 14-Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set is a fantastic gift that helps a one year old discover their inner builder on their birthday.

Wooden Nesting Puzzle Rainbow Building Blocks

With a stacker style, the Wooden Nesting Puzzle Building Blocks Rainbow Stacker can be built into bridges, tunnels, fences, beds, and more. An excellent gift for a toddler's birthday, this toy is fantastic to exercise children's imagination and group work skills. This nesting puzzle is made from a pure natural wooden material and non-toxic, water-based paint.

Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano

It must be fun to own a piano, and you can provide this joy to a toddler on their birthday. The Baby Einstein Magic Touch Piano Wooden Musical Toy is a wooden piano that magically makes music. This fantastic gift for a one year old, or two year old, is made from durable materials and is totally child-safe. The piano feature 3 sheets of music and 6 different songs to unleash the toddler’s creativity in their first play.

Pidoko Kids Multi Activity Center Tree

A Fun Activity Tree Top with 8 interactive sides to play, the Pidoko Kids Multi-Activity Center Tree is packed with energetic, playful elements: a curvy bead maze, spinning gears and more. A fantastic first birthday gift, this will make a toddler and their playdate happy for hours. Forest-themed, this toy will not only encourage a child's imaginative role-play but also enhance their art skills. It's made with premium craftsmanship, child-friendly, and durable wood. It's fun and safe for little hands to play.

Green Toys Wagon Outdoor Toy Orange

The Green Toys Wagon Outdoor Toy is a sturdy and durable birthday gift for a one year old. The wagon features a 100% cotton rope handle that easily tucks inside for convenient, safe storage. With fat tires and a low-set bed, it is sized ideally for little ones to haul around their most prized possessions, both indside and outside. The wagon is made from recycled plastic with no BPA, phthalates, or PVC.

Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Designed to captivate a child's curiosity with exciting colors and hands-on gadgets, this Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center makes a fantastic, interactive birthday gift for any playful one year old. The activity center features four quadrants of beautifully crafted wooden pieces support wire runs, as well as painted lively creatures found in a treetop, such as birds, bees, monkies, and a ladybug. This toy is made from sturdy wood and has a colorful theme to decorate any toddler's room.

Wishbone Flip Rock and Roll Ride On

Wishbone Flip is a brilliantly simple ride-on toy to gift a one year old on their birthday. Its innovative flipping mechanism transforms Wishbone Flip from rocker to roller in seconds. Kids will love to tuck their teddy bears inside it and use the Wishbone Flip as a toy stroller. This toy is built to last, it's primary material is sustainably-grown birch wood

PlanToys 5714 Fountain Bowl Set Toy

How fast or slow will the water drain from the cups? A one year old will love to find out with the Fountain Bowl Set. This makes a fantastic birthday gift for a toddler and consists of 3 different cups that kids can enjoy experimenting with different flows of water. This toy improves a child's coordination and fine motor skills.

TOP BRIGHT Activity Cube

Exploration and fun are around every corner with the Top Bright activity cube. Each side of the toy introduces a way to play a different game, including shape sorter, spinning gears, sliding inserts, teaching clock and more, which flawlessly meets little explorers' need for constant learning. This versatile activity cube is a fantastic birthday gift for a one year old, to keep them curious and engaged while developing their mind and coordination skills. This thoughtful gift will put a big smile on a cute little face.

Strider Classic Balance Bike

The Strider 12 Classic Bike is a great choice for a first bike. The budget-friendly Strider 12 Classic comes equipped with no-flat tires, which are prepared to take the punishment that only mud puddles and heavy riding can dole out. This is a fantastic birthday gift for a one year old: this bike weighs in only 3 kg (6.7 lbs.), which makes any child ride and stride. The built-in footrests are great for learning to balance and glide, while the absence of training wheels means that little riders get closer to real bike riding sooner.

Orange Fox Children's Chair

The Animal Adventure Sweet Seats is a comfortable and sturdy chair for toddlers. This chair makes an excellent first birthday gift, giving a child a comfy place of their own to sit. 'It's well-made and can handle everyday usage! The Orange Fox cover the cutest thing ever. 'It's removable, dishwasher-safe, and equipped with a unique zipper to ensure safety for children of all ages.

Hape Gourmet Grill and Shish Kabob Play Kitchen

Everyone loves a good barbecue! With the Playfully Delicious Gourmet BBQ Grill Set from Hape, children can host their own barbecue with tasty food and tons of fun. It makes a fantastic birthday gift to any toddler for a birthday or Christmas. This playset features a hooded BBQ grill with electric burners, a collapsible side table, and double-sided grates. Also included is the Shish Kabob Play Food Set to help little chefs get started with their grilling.

Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement

The Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset is an excellent choice for a second birthday gift. This floral toy set is designed for developing the pincers grip, fine motor, and gross motor skills of a child. The kid will learn about stacking with vibrant and colorful lilies, petunias, and daisies. This playset doesn’t contain BPA, Phthalates, PVC or external coatings, and is made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs.